What’s Going On In Saint John?

What’s Going On in Saint John? It’s been quiet in the Port City, perhaps too quiet.

Is something up? Why haven’t they offloaded any of their assets?

When you’re the reigning Memorial Cup Champions you can do just about anything you want to do, when you want to do it. Nevertheless, it still begs the question, why hasn’t Sea Dogs President and General Manager Trevor Georgie made any moves as of yet?

We all know Georgie has a history of being a fierce negotiator, but it’s definitely been a buyers market for assets especially with championship pedigree.

Injuries have certainly not been kind to the Sea Dogs which could hinder movement of their key assets.

One would think deals would have been in place for a long time when you have key assets which Georgie definitely has at his disposal.

Obviously, if history is any indication Georgie does his best work in the later stages of the trade period.

Everyone knows the names of potential players on the move out of the Port City, but conventional thinking would assume those big pieces would have been finalized and that there would be some buzz about those assets.

You see there’s been no buzz about any movement. One can draw two conclusions from that.

Georgie is holding out for maximum return or he doesn’t have any willing trade partners as of yet.

You see when it’s this quiet, one can assume there’s always something brewing at the QMJHL level.

We all know the names of the players that would fetch the biggest return for the Sea Dogs, but do we know any teams in position to play that price?

Clearly names like Connor Trenholm, Cam MacDonald and Peter Reynolds come to mind when discussing key pieces potentially on the move. You see those players could be “two year” players for any organization willing to ante up for their services. Again there’s been zero buzz about any movement of those three players. One can only speculate teams are targeting those three due to the depth of skills they possess.

Photo Credit Saint John Sea Dogs

The goalie market in the QMJHL which at one point looked incredibly promising as undoubtedly narrowed as of late. Most teams are set with their 20’s barring any shocking trades. Moving a netminder like Nikolas Hurtubise seemed like a for gone conclusion at the start of the season, but so many things have changed since then.

There has also been some buzz as of late of potential changes in the hockey operations department, but those reports have been unfounded.

So what is going on in Saint John?

Well we will have to wait and see. This time of year is always intriguing. Seven months removed from their amazing Memorial Cup victory the Saint John Sea Dogs braintrust are mapping out another way to build a potential championship team. That takes time, and this trade period is almost over.

The clock is ticking, as the plot thickens for Georgie and the Saint John Sea Dogs.

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