And the Oscar Goes to Moncton?

In a shocking move the Drummondville Voltigeurs would appear to have traded Oscar Plandowski to the Moncton Wildcats.

First reported by Jonathan Habashi of the Journal Express only moments ago.

By all accounts the Oscar goes to Moncton.

Plandowski is a ultra smooth skating two and half zone defender that simply transitions pucks for days. He can play in any situation and will really balance out the Cats backend.

Ritchie Thibeau will look like a genius if the 19 year old returns to the league next season as an overager. If he doesn’t, that’s perfectly ok to because he will help solidify and potentially help the Cats win a round or two in the playoffs this season. The Detroit Red Wings who selected Plandowski in 2021 5th round, 155th overall aren’t in any hurry with their prospects.

Photo Credit L’Express to Drummondville

This could be a very interesting and impactful move for an organization trending toward contending in the next year or two.

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