It’s Never Too Late

It’s never to late when it comes to hockey dreams. It’s never too late when it comes to talent, grit and character.

Photo Credit Cape Breton Eagles

Every kid develops differently, sometimes it takes longer, but it’s always worth the wait. 

Quispamsis, New Brunswick’s own Angelo Fullerton knows that storyline all too well, he’s living it every time he laces them up.

The gritty skilled forward fell through the QMJHL Entry Draft yet persevered and never gave up on his dream to play in the QMJHL.

Perhaps Fullerton’s big break happened last year at the Monctonian Challenge’s Top Prospect game. It’s rare to see second year undrafted players get added to the rosters of that event. Fullerton took full advantage of that opportunity and excelled in front of the a plethora of scouts.

It was clear he belonged at that game and was deserving of getting drafted.

Getting drafted is one thing, playing at the next level is another. He had done everything he could, now it was up to the organizations and their scouting staffs to project the young talented forward.

You can learn a lot from a player and person by how they handle adversity. Fullerton put his head down and worked his ass off after being passed over in his first year of draft eligibility. He went back to the Saint John Vito’s and worked on his skating, and all of his weaknesses. Some players need more reps, some players need more touches, in Fullerton’s case he just needed more time.

The Cape Breton Eagles appreciated Fullerton’s talents and selected him in the 10th round 163rd overall.

You could say it was a long shot or highly improbable for the 17 year old two way forward to crack the Eagles lineup this season.

Angelo Fullerton proved a lot of people wrong, but more importantly he proved a lot of people right. His unrelating persistence and drive earned him a spot with the Eagles.

Obviously, there’s always a feeling that one has to make up for lost time or play catch up, when a player finally gets their shot at the next level, nevertheless, it’s evident that Fullerton has fully embraced his unconventional path to the QMJHL and continues to play to his identity, the same identity that earned him a place in the league.

The road less travelled is always most rewarding. There’s still tons of work to be done, but it’s not hard to tell that Angelo Fullerton is doing whatever it takes to get better every time he laces them up. That’s exactly what it took to get him to this stage of his career and that’s exactly what it’s going to take for him to stay and contribute at the Q level.

It’s never too late when it comes to hockey dreams.

Never give up, because you will never know when an opportunity will present itself.

The adversity Fullerton has confronted throughout his journey has fuelled his path, it has galvanized him, it has helped shape the player and person he has become today. 

Look at how far Angelo Fullerton has come, the only question now is how far will he go?

It’s never too late, especially when you have been fighting and clawing every inch of the way. It’s never too late to prove people wrong. It’s never too late to keep the dream alive. Everyone develops differently, it’s the intangibles that truly set players and people apart.

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