Minor Hockey’s Hierarchy: The Extra “A” Minor or Major

Resume, or talent? Resume or performance? Resume or effort?

I’ve written a lot of artIcles on the tryout process in minor hockey and everyone definitely has their own thoughts and opinions on the matter. Unfortunately, sometimes it all comes to the extra “A”, “minor or major.”

Running a selection process and releasing kids is still one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done.

To be honest with you, people that say they are used to it now and that it comes second nature to them, or that it doesn’t bother them are no doubt lying, or lying to themselves.

I think we can all agree that there’s no perfect solution to the tryout process and that in many ways it still reeks of political influence and that element of the game may never change which is a real shame.

Obviously, we aren’t going to change the mindset of people making all the decisions, but let’s hope they will stop and reflect before they go ahead with what in the past were automatic player decisions.

Every player has an unique path in the game, or do they?

Some do and some don’t. It all comes down to opportunity.

Will evaluators rely on resume or talent?

Will evaluators rely on resume or performance?

Will evaluators rely on resume or effort?

There’s tons of players all across minor hockey that will grow, develop and improve by leaps and bounds this season and they should push for roster spots on the “top” teams next year. Unfortunately their efforts might not matter if the evaluators rely on resume rather than talent, performance and effort.

We all know and hear the stories and perhaps we have experienced it first hand, but you would hope that in 2022-2023 that things would be different. All we can do is hope. All we can do is hope the right evaluators are chosen and that they select the deserving players no matter how many “A’s” they had the year before. In minor hockey it’s all about the extra “A” or Minor or Major, that’s the resume and ultimately the deciding factor in many decisions that are made or created.

There’s tons of success stories out there and there’s tons of talented, hard working players that are performing at high levels in the “minor” ranks that will turn into exceptional hockey players. In some cases all they need is a break, all they need is an opportunity to prove they belong and the rest will take care of itself.

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