Maritimers Leading the Way in the QMJHL

Leaders, lead, that’s who they are and that’s what they do.

Everyone knows the value and importance of having quality people leading the way in all walks of life, especially in the game of hockey.

Countless QMJHL organizations have looked to Maritimers to wear a letter and represent the very essence of their franchise and brand.

At the minor hockey league level usually the letters go to the most popular or most skilled players.

As young aspiring players climb the hockey ladder, the role and expectations of putting a letter on their jersey means something.

You can use all the cliches you want when talking about leadership, but there’s definitely a common thread amongst young Maritimers playing the QMJHL.

The character, drive and sacrifices made are often shared amongst players from this region.

There’s a sense of pride and honour that’s unparalleled amongst players from the area.

Playing the game the right way, giving back to the game and inspiring the next generation of kids coming up to believe that anything is possible no matter what your postal code is means something to every player that calls the Maritimes home, but especially those that wear letters for their respective teams.

Leaders, lead, that’s what they do, but it goes beyond that for Maritimers in the QMJHL. From making others feel welcomed, to understanding possible struggles, to standing up for them, to showing them the ropes, to promoting the league, Maritimers understand the impact of their involvement when it comes to showing and leading the way.

That’s what makes it so special to see kids from this region wear a letter.

From the blue collar hardest working player on the team, to the glue guy in the room, Maritimers are always there to lift people up no matter what, they are usually the heart and soul of the franchise.

The hockey world, especially from this region should never take any player or their accomplishments for granted and we shouldn’t overlook the leadership qualities people from this neck of the woods possess.

Maritimers have the uncanny ability to connect people from all walks of life, to motivate them and make sure everyone is pulling in one direction for betterment of the team and the game.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to see so many Maritimers taking on leadership roles with their teams this year.

Leaders, lead and Maritimers are hands down some of the best!

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