It’s Time to Turn the Page

When I first joined FDS and created the #InFocus platform, I wanted to go deeper, I wanted to discuss and bring light to subjects within the game of hockey that might not necessarily be always talked about. I didn’t mind being a small voice for potential change within the game I love, but it’s time to turn the page.

I was always taught to respect the game and try to leave it in a better place and that’s exactly what I’ve been trying to do. This isn’t about me, but I find it fascinating that complete strangers ie hockey parents and player’s alike have reached out thanking me for bringing the issues to the forefront. They are scared to talk, scared to comment, retweet and scared to share. That’s the hockey world, that’s it’s culture, but to be brutally honest I think I’ve written all that needs to be said right now about the negative aspects of the game. Obviously, there’s a plethora of topics that need attention and for some I’ve only scratched the surface of the issue, but it’s time to turn the page.

One hockey lifer told me last year that I couldn’t do both. I couldn’t be part of an organization or in the hockey world and write about hockey culture.

Those two aspects couldn’t coexist. The most discouraging part in all of that is that they are probably right which in itself a topic to discuss. Nevertheless, I’ve have had so many amazing discussions and met so many incredible people along the way that have shared their stories and experiences in the game with me. Their experiences inspired so much of my work over the past few years and I’m incredibly grateful for all those conversations, but it’s time to write a different chapter, it’s time to shift gears and focus on other aspects of the game.

I’ve come to the realization that no matter how many articles I write and topics I bring to the forefront that ultimately things won’t change when it comes to hockey culture. When I first started on FDS I was fixated on creating the conversation and calling out some of the ongoing topics reoccurring around the game. With so many people reaching out and sharing their stories and experiences it’s become kind of overwhelming at times.

It’s pretty bad when people are scared to voice their legitimate concerns in the hockey world in fear of the potential impact it may have on their children moving forward.

Things need to drastically change, but more importantly the unwritten archaic code and culture needs to change or be removed completely. For now I’ve written enough on that topic.

I’m not saying I won’t ever revisit certain topics, I’m just saying it’s time to turn the page and write new more intriguing stories about the game and those that manage and play it.

Let’s get two things straight, 1) I’m not going to stop carrying the torch when it comes to changing the game and leaving it in a better place. 2) I will be forever grateful for all the interactions I’ve had with hockey families, fans and players over the years and never want those interactions to change, but for now it’s time to shift my focus and #InFocus in a different direction.

I wish I could share more of the comments and stories that I received. I will never forget their trust and candour. It’s truly amazing that those conversations took place revolving around the game.

“You write about things we can’t say or that no one else dare say about the game of hockey, keep on writing.”

That phrase inspires, but in all honesty has taken a toll on me.

I love the game and want to leave it in a better place.

I love writing about the game, but the negativity and sometimes disheartening storylines carry with them a substantial weight that I’ve been honoured and willing to carry for a long time.

Leave the game in a better place has been my mantra for so long and it’s my hope that my body of work especially with #FDSHOCKEY has brought light to many topics and has helped young aspiring players and their families navigate their path and tough situations in the game,

It’s time to turn the page.

Thanks for the continued support of FDS and #InFocus it’s means so much to me!

See you at the rink,

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  1. Thanks Craig for all you have done and will continue to represent albeit in a new way. Hockey culture needs to evolve, to embrace the value of diversity and transparency, to grow in strength not whither in deception. You have been a voice of reason and compassion again thank you.


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