Players to Watch in 2022-2023: Series 3 Stephanie Bourque

Players to Watch in 2022-2023: Series 3 Stephanie Bourque

Some young players struggle to regain their mojo after experiencing major set backs. Others channel that adversity as fuel to the fire.

The last statement perfectly describes Moncton’s Stephanie Bourque.

Bourque is one of the purest most natural skaters I’ve ever seen. Her edge control and agility is second to none. Her ability to move pucks and transition into a full three zone defender has made her one of the top young talents from the region.

Bourque stared at Stanstead College for the last several years and is heading off to the NCAA ranks at Union College this year. Bourque wasn’t able to crack Team Canada’s U-18 squad, which had to be devastating for a player and person like Bourque. There’s no question she has used that has extra motivation entering the 2022-2023 campaign.

Stephanie Bourque is relentless and resilient both on and off the ice. She’s driven when it comes to athletics and education. She knows exactly what she wants to do on the ice and in the classroom and beyond.

Bourque’s first foray into college hockey will be very intriguing given her sheer talent, hockey sense and passion for the game and the position.

Bourque has all the right stuff to jump into a top 4 role as a freshman and will be quarterbacking the team’s 2nd unit PP almost instantly. She will no doubt be running the show by her sophomore season.

Some players are naturals, while others have to work their butts off to accomplish their goals. Bourque possesses both those attributes. She’s a natural when it comes to skating and playing the position, but it’s her work ethic and passion for the game that sets her apart.

There’s ultra competitive players and students and then there’s Stephanie Bourque.

Some players are destine to play and star on the biggest and brightest stage. It’s Stephanie Bourque’s time to shine, the best is yet to come.

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