Getting Cut Sucks, Not Knowing Why, Sucks Even More!

Nowadays it’s seems like young aspiring players and their families have no idea where they stand especially when they get cut or released.

Getting cut sucks, not knowing why or being told why clearly sucks more.

The evaluation process is one thing, but not telling a player the reason or reasons why they were unsuccessful is absolutely unacceptable in this day and age.

If they aren’t good enough or not ready, just come out and tell them, why keep things quiet, why not be honest and up front?

Could you imagine trying out for a elite level team and not being told why you were let go.

No feedback, not even a handshake, nothing. It’s happening a lot more than you would think!

Young players and their families are being left in the dark when it comes to the selection process and everything that entails. There’s no owners manual or step by step instructions or guidelines that players and parents can read and follow when they find themselves in this situation. Obviously, the hockey world and it’s cultural short comings have led to failed attempts for transparency.

Why can’t some coaches, organizations, governing bodies and minor associations get their shit together and do things the right way.

This isn’t the 80’s, or 90’s where a posted roster or a generic “release” letter will suffice. In this era, transparency should be the key. Clearly the 24 hour rule would still apply in every facet of the process when it came to the parents and the selection process. Perhaps, coaches, governing bodies, organizations and minor associations want no part in potential conflict or confrontation that would potentially arise if a transparent and honest process could exist.

The multifaceted layer system is in place at every turn when it comes to selecting teams, the powers that be controls all that and that’s exactly why people get left in the dark not knowing one blessed thing about what their child should work on to continue to develop.

Could you imagine what these players are going through? Could you imagine the disappointment of not making a team, but not being told nothing.

The devastation of not making the team will take its toll, but the not knowing why could effect their mental health even more. The confusion and unknown leaves them questioning their entire place in the game.

In many cases we are failing these kids more by not telling them why they got cut.

Whatever happened to being honest, what about being authentic?

Getting cut sucks, but leaving kids that didn’t make a team questioning what they did wrong or the aspects of their game they need to work on is wrong on so many levels.

The coaches, governing bodies, associations, organizations and people that do it the right way need to be applauded, they are a rare breed, they get it, they understand the importance of the process, they understand the personal side of the game.

We have all been cut, it’s part of the game and life. It’s not about letting young aspiring players down easier, it’s about informing them on aspects of their game that they need to work on to get better.

Some won’t want to hear it, some will deny it, some will be epically pissed off, some will use it for motivation, but at least those tough conversations and discussions happened.

These conversations are never easy, they are tough as hell, but those making the decisions have to put themselves in the player and the player’s families shoes.

Being left in the dark isn’t fair, it’s wrong, it only complicates things and make things worse.

Getting cut sucks, not knowing why sucks even more.

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