The Saint John Sea Dogs bite was finally bigger than their bark.

The Sea Dogs won the game that matter most, their final game of the year versus the Hamilton Bulldogs tonight. The Saint John Sea Dogs are 2022 Memorial Cup Champions.

“Do you believe in miracles”?

A month ago, many around the hockey world would have said the organization needed a miracle to compete let alone win junior hockey’s holy grail.

Well it’s a dog eat dog world, and Gardiner MacDougall’s squad delivered the goods when all the chips were down.

Frank Sinatra’s masterpiece “My Way,” has nothing on Anthony Stella and Trevor Georgie. The famous crooner didn’t write the song, but definitely made it a hit, you could say he made it his own.

Stella and Georgie certainly didn’t follow the convention championship blueprint of most organizations, but they certainly made it their own.

No one really knows who wrote famous songs, everyone remembers who performed them.

Paul Anka, Jacques Revaux and Claude Francis were the original composers of “My Way”. They laid the foundation for an amazing masterpiece. Trevor Georgie and Anthony Stella did the same in Saint John.

Some would say Georgie and Stella did it despite the decisions they made over the last four years.

I guess it all depends what lens you want to look through, because the optics over the last four years have varied considerably.

The unconventional path to the Memorial Cup has caught many shockingly off guard.

“I really hope they don’t win.” became a common theme as soon as it was announced that the organization had won the bid host the Memorial Cup.

Whenever anyone takes an unconventional path to success especially in the hockey world people start to doubt the process and people behind it.

Five coaches, numerous goaltenders, countless Euro’s and an historical amount of trades later the Sea Dogs are Memorial Cup Champions and no one can ever take that away from them. No one can question the decisions Georgie and Stella made to get to this point. They proved everyone wrong and you could say the exact same thing about their core group of players and their entire team.

The entire Saint John Sea Dogs organization did it their way.

Miracle or not the Saint John Sea Dogs are Memorial Cup Champions and that’s all that matters.

They did it their way.

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