The Road Less Travelled

Jaxsen Wiebe has taken the road less travelled to accomplish his dreams in the game of hockey. His journey has been unconventional to say the least, but the twenty-year old gritty two-way forward certainly has no regrets.

“I started in the SJ when I was sixteen, I made the team out of training camp, it was a big year, it goes under the radar, but that was a big year for my development,” said Wiebe minutes after scoring the biggest goal or three goals of his junior career. There’s no question Wiebe has fully accepted and embraced his non-linear path in the game.

“Obviously, that year developed some of my grit, I met some great friends along the way.”

“Nothing but good things to say about that year and it led me to this point, I think I’m coming into myself here a little bit and I’m happy about that,” confessed Wiebe.

In 48 games with the Nipawin Hawks scored 13 goals and 13 assists and chipped in with 7 points in 7 playoff games as a rooking in the SJHL. The Western Hockey League’s Red Deer Rebels would be his next stop along his journey.

“Obviously, I had my two years in Red Deer which I’m grateful for that and made some great friendships there.”

Photo Credit Vincent Ethier

“You know I had my time there and then trade to Edmonton, as you get older in the league you kind of flourish into the player that you.”

“I have so many good things to say about the Oil Kings organization helping me find my way as a player, both organizations have been good to me.”

Wiebe is a heart and soul type of player, a “glue guy” that would go through a wall for his team, and he definitely proved that once again last night. Wiebe had a small shiner to prove it after his first period scrap with Sea Dogs forward Riley Bezeau. The Oil Kings jumped all over the Memorial Cup hosts early last night. Bezeau’s decision to drop the gloves could have been a turning point, but Wiebe definitely dashed any hopes of that by landing a few solid blows of his own.

Photo Credit Vincent Ethier

Jaxsen Wiebe is the type of player and person that never backs down from anyone or any challenge. His journey in the game and the adversity he has faced has undoubtedly prepared him for anything. Wiebe plays the game on the edge, but the skilled power forward seldomly crosses it which is truly invaluable in this era of the game. It’s clear as the day is long that the Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan product is a team first guy admitting to not liking the attention he received after the game.

“There’s so much more that goes into it, I couldn’t have done it without the boys out there tonight,” Wiebe said.

“You know leading up to this point everyone that I’ve played with has just been awesome, I couldn’t ask for more from the people that helped me get here to this point for this exciting night.”

Photo Credit Vincent Ethier

A player’s confidence can come and go, but along the way it reveals their true character, passion and resiliency, that’s what makes many hockey player’s journey in the game at any level so special. As they say the road less travelled is often the most rewarding. Wiebe embodies the character and resiliency of entire Oil King line up.

“Everyone buys in, everyone has had their difficulties this season, and I can’t think of a guy that hasn’t had adversity, so we all kind of lean on and support each other when times are tough, I’m really close and I’m really proud of this group,” stressed Wiebe.

Wiebe’s story of perseverance and persistence to his craft is an inspiration and just another great example that’s it’s never too late especially when you believe in yourself.

“It’s huge,” Wiebe said when asked about importance of self-confidence as two-way gritty player.

“Having that confidence is going to help your game both on and off the ice and it’s going to help you develop into the player you are capable of.”

“I think I struggled with that early on in my career, but as the season went on and with the opportunities I was given in Edmonton it helped my confidence tremendously and it’s brought to me this point.”

Did he ever think he would score a goal or three on a stage like the Memorial Cup? “Yeah, I don’t think I ever thought I wouldn’t.”

“Our team is so good, and we deserve to be here, I pulled the trigger and fortunately it went in, the boy’s battled hard tonight,” Wiebe said.

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