Through His Eyes

What has the game given to you? What have you given to the game? The game of golf like no other sport is a metaphor of life. The ups and downs, the triumphs and defeat embody the sport, define the athlete, but more importantly it reveals the character and integrity of the person. What have you learned on the course, what have your eyes witnessed through your path in the game? We all love to play, we all tee it up, but very few of us have ever played and see the game and life like Jim Maxwell.

What could we learn about life, the game, and ourselves by watching and playing a long side Maritime Golfing legend Jim Maxwell? 

Many golfers from this region have had the honour to see the master at work, but none of us have ever seen the game through his eyes.  Memories fade with time, but they are clear as the day is long for Jim Maxwell when thinks about his childhood and growing up playing the game he loves. 

At 82 years old Jim Maxwell still walks four times a day including a “quick” 18 holes at Country Meadows. Maxwell plays with only four clubs.

“That’s all you need,” he quips when questioned by playing partners or members at the Meadows.

Rogers TV New Brunswick, Sports Inclusive Episode

For over seven decades Jim Maxwell has played the game he’s loved with an unparalleled passion and class. The swing is a little shorter, his hands and knuckles are sore and weathered with arthritis, but his rhythm, feel, touch and sheer athleticism is still intact. 

Can you imagine the things Jim Maxwell has felt, experienced and witnessed in the game of golf? 

The hands of time can be ruthless or teach, they can help us understand the value of what life is all about.  You see that’s what makes Jim Maxwell’s journey in the game so special. He has done so much for many golfers in this region. His journey in the game continues.  Being so humble and grounded, Maxwell has no idea the impact he has had on the present and future of the game. 

Jim Maxwell isn’t a storyteller, he’s a golfer, a champion, a player’s player.  Sure, he’s opinionated when it comes to the integrity of the game, because that’s what the game is all about. 

For Jim Maxwell there’s only one way to the play and monitor the integrity of the game and that’s the right way. 

Maxwell has always let his swing natural talent and incredible talent tell the story. The private, quiet well-spoken legend who grew up near the first tee of the Old Course in St Andrews has always been there for young aspiring and passionate golfers.

Maxwell’s become a quiet golfing mentor for those that sought out his wealth of knowledge and invaluable experiences within the game.  He was always there for a tip, a discussion or just to listen. 

He would always tell it the way it is, no holding back. For some it was blunt, for others his words motivated and propelled them to new heights within the game and in life, but his eyes would never lie.  Maxwell could always spot the subtle caution areas in a person’s game. Maxwell’s keen eye was the difference maker for many up and comers in the game throughout the years.  His sayings became the stuff of legend for so many in this region. 

“228 reasonably straight”

“You’re trying to hit it too hard, just swing.”

When Jim Maxwell put the peg in the ground and took the club back it was automatic, it’s poetry in motion.  “I never really had to think about things. It was pretty automatic for almost fifty-years,” Maxwell said with a wry smile. In his mind those days are gone, but his swing and eye for the game is intact as ever. The sights and sounds of Jim Maxwell’s childhood growing up in Scotland are as vivid as ever. The events that led him to golf is no different than any of ours. 

Ironically, there were no restrictions on young kids playing the game back then, you just had to keep up and play fast. One can only marvel at the creativity and imagination it took to grow up playing on a links style golf course. 

“All we had were four clubs,” Maxwell says with a smile.

Taken at the 1st Annual Four Generational Foursome Event at Country Meadows on August 22, 2019

That’s all he uses now some 74 years later. Shot shaping, trajectory, control and precision, Jim Maxwell had it all. From a very young age Maxwell knew the game would serve him well. He knew deep down he could go places in the game, all it would take would be hard work, an unwavering dedication and love for the game. 

Links style golf is the ultimate test of skill and patience. 

You learn to hit shots and use your imagination over every shot

Maxwell learned how to flight the ball out of necessity.

“Railway tracks used to run directly through most of the front nine of my home course, you had to play away from them because they were out of bounds, so we all learned pretty quick how to hit a draw,” Maxwell said with a smile. 

Jim and Cayden after their 1st victory, they are still undefeated at the event!

Jim Maxwell’s success, competitiveness and longevity in the game of golf and life ran as parallel and true as that old railway system. The championships and personal accomplishments and accolades in the game would come flooding in. Jim Maxwell quickly became the talk of the town, but also on this side of the water. His game and dedication to it has always told the story. His vision and ultimate dream was always to come to North America and apply his craft.

In those days, if you wanted to be a professional golfer, that also meant you had to be a professional club manufacturer to. 

Maxwell’s craftsmanship and precision on the course was just as well-known off of it. A pro’s pro, through and through. Can you imagine the things Jim Maxwell has felt, experienced and witnessed in the game of golf? 

The past four years the “Four Generational Foursome” comprising of Jim Maxwell, Gair, Ryan and Cayden have created a legacy of its own and perhaps is the only event of its kind in the history of the game.

The Four Generational Invitational Family Legacy Tournament is being held at the Algonquin Golf Course in St. Andrews, New Brunswick on July 15. Space is very limited, if you want to be part of history sign up here! MGA Golf Tour 2022 Tickets, Fri, 15 Jul 2022 at 12:00 PM | Eventbrite

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