Noah Laaouan Did It the Right Way

Photo Credit Charlottetown Islanders

Some would blame the hockey Gods, while others would make excuses. Noah Laaouan, did it the right way just like he has throughout his entire QMJHL career. What happened to him at the end of Game 3 of the President Cup Finals is enough to make you sick. The overager who was originally selected by the Cape Breton Eagles rebounded like a true pro that he is.
There are some players destined to play professional hockey and Noah Laaouan is one of them.
What he did to rebound after the mishap in Game 3 was truly incredible, but if you really know him, you automatically knew exactly how he would handle it.
That’s what makes Noah Laaouan so special as a player and person.
Game 5 ended in heart break for the Islanders and their faithful knowledgeable passionate fans.
The game would have never gone into overtime without Laaouan’s 3rd period save.
When the game was over and the Islanders were huddled together consoling each other it was Noah Laaouan front and centre talking to all of his teammates.
Obviously, it’s an awful way to have your Major Junior come to an end losing in the President Cup finals on home ice, but adversity is what Laaouan faced throughout the early stages of his career.
When the Islanders acquired Laaouan, they knew exactly what they were getting. All the player needed was a place to grow and refine his skill. Laaouan found that place in Charlottetown, and the solid stay at home ultra competitive two and half zone defender blossomed into the league’s most complete rearguard and leader.
Noah Laaouan’s Junior career is over, but the undrafted free agent would be an incredibly valuable addition to any professional organization.
Noah Laaouan did it the right way. That’s what makes the player and person so special.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

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