It’s Not Over Yet

The Charlottetown Islanders got knocked down early, they took it on the chin, a matter of fact they have taken all the punches that the Cataractes could throw at them in the first three games of the President Cup Finals. The Isles delivered some punches of their own. Many would say it’s all but over, that the Islanders are down for the count, but they clearly don’t know what that team are made of.

Graphic Content Courtesy QMJHL

No one would have imagined the scenario confronting the Isles, but that’s life in junior hockey.  

You can look back on Game 2 or how Game 3 ended last night and bitch and complain all you want, it won’t change a thing now. You can say that the hockey God’s haven’t been on the Isles side, but that’s not going to do a damn thing when it comes to winning Game 4.

Let’s give credit where credit is due the Shawinigan Cataractes are a great hockey club with countless gamebreakers, but this series is far from over and they know it.

Obviously, the pendulum of momentum has been swung, but if you know anything about how a pendulum works it has a tendency to oscillate between one extreme and another. Many hockey crazed fanatics believe there’s no such thing as momentum in a playoff series. Believe what you want to believe, but this series is far from over. All it takes is one. One game, to change the momentum.

Jim Hulton built this team to overcome adversity and that’s exactly what they are going to do to the very end.

You can throw all the buzz words out and all of the clichés, use all the sports analogies and examples of the teams that have battled back from three games down, to win, but all the Islanders need to do is continue to trust the process and trust themselves. There’s no quit in the Charlottetown Islanders, they are fighters, and they aren’t going out without a fight even in hostile territory.

Graphic Content Courtesy QMJHL

All the Islanders need is one. One game to turn the tide. One game to bring it back home. One game to see where that will take them. All they need is one counterpunch to get back in the fight. The Cataractes will try deliver the knockout blow tonight in front a jammed packed Centre Gervais Auto, nevertheless, tonight, is all about desperation between one extreme and another. Tonight, we will all see exactly why these two teams are the last two standing in the QMJHL. It’s not over yet and both teams know it.

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