2022 QMJHL Draft 3rd Round Prospects Scouting Reports and Analysis

The future of the QMJHL is upon us. Going strictly off the QMJHL CSR’s Final List, I dive into some quick analysis on the 2022 draft class. In this edition I will be providing some analysis and scouting reports on players listed in the 3nd round by the QMJHL’s CSR.

(RSD/LSD = Right and left shot Defencemen, LCG = Left catching goaltender, RSF/LSF Right and Left shot Forward)

Guillaume Fillion 5’11 LSD Magog Cantonniers: good skating defender, solid edge work, will have to get a step faster to fully excel at the next level, needs to get a little stronger to ensure he wins puck battles below the dots at the Q level, good puck skills, makes good decisions and possesses a solid first pass, however needs to be a touch more consistent in that area at times, willing to take a hit to make a play, good instincts for the position, great stick positioning and gap control, solid two-zone defender, won’t bring a ton of offense at the next level, but has a good release from the point, could become a very solid shut down defender at the junior level

Graphic Content Courtesy QMJHL

Alexandre Lallier 5’8 RSF St-Eustache Vikings:  good skater, solid edges, crafty player, solid instincts in all three zones, good hands and release, will need to a get step quicker or more explosive to become more elusive at the junior level, will have to put up some muscle upper body wise as well to ensure he wins puck battles along the wall, can really create havoc when he gets to the middle in the offensive zone, brings a lot of energy to the game and wing position, will need to refine his defensive game to reach full potential at the Q level, lots of skill and potential

Emile Beaunoyer 5’10 LCG College Notre-Dame Albatros: solid netminder, good technique, moves well, plays a little deep at times, good quickness downlow, solid recovery might need to get a touch quicker in that department, very solid glove, battles for space in traffic, good rebound control, tracks pucks well, looks big in the net, very square to the shooter, this kid saw a lot of rubber this season, and was left out to dry on several occasions, you can tell this kid is a battler, solid goaltending prospect

Jeremie Richard 6’0 LSD Moncton Flyers: One of most improved skaters this season, has really worked hard on his pivots, puck skills are very good, doesn’t shy away from the corners, loves the physicality, struggles at times with processing under pressure, but I’ve seen a marked improvement in that area as well,  always willing to take a hit to make a play, he’s a strong skater and getting a lot stronger on his skates, solid two and half zone D man, won’t put up massive offensive numbers at the Q level, but takes a lot pride in playing the position the right every time he takes to the ice, very good on the offensive blue line with the puck, great vision and good first pass, very few players want it as bad as he does, outstanding kid and is a sponge when it comes to the game, he’s a phenomenal student of the game, this kid is captain material, glue guy in the room,

Luciano Ruggiero 6’1 LCG Laval-Montreal: solid netminder, very big in the net, square, good technique, very quick and agile for his size, very athletic, active in the bluepaint, down early at times, will have to refine his recovery movements to excel at the next level, deep and down early at times as well, tracks pucks well, good in traffic, but would like to see him telescope out more to challenge the shooter, lots of potential here, great goaltending foundation,

Eric Halliday 5’8 LSD Halifax Macs: smooth operator with the puck, no panic, tons of composure, great skater, great hands, transitional defender, good puck skills and a very active stick in all three zones, defends well in his own zone, great instincts for the game in all three zones, very good hard accurate shot from the point position, could become a solid two and half zone transitional d-man at the Major Junior level, like many young D, will have to get stronger upper body wise to ensure he wins puck battles at the next level, but his skating alone will get him out of trouble in his own zone, can play both sides with relative ease, probably would be more comfortable on his strong side to start out in the Q, great vision and instincts when it comes to jump to into the rush, will have to move it a touch quicker at the next level, but will adjust very quickly given his hockey IQ and instincts for the game and the position,

Mathis Langevin 6’1 LCG Chateauguay Grenadiers : very active in the net, very athletic, solid technique and foundation, definitely a battler, plays a little deep at times, will need to work on his recovery and rebound control to excel at the next level, good downlow and has a solid glove, tracks pucks well, needs to fight harder through traffic, all the tools to be an effective netminder at the next level,

Ian Ramsay 6’3 LSD Cole Harbour Wolfpack: good skater for his size, great feet, solid mobility, above average puck skills, solid stay at home shutdown D-man in the making, this kid thinks the game very well, will have to continue to get a little more explosive and work on his agility in traffic with and without the puck and continue to work on his puck skills to excel at the next level, there’s no question this kid can play at the next level and deliver massive minutes in key situations, has a great shot from the point position and has a knack for getting shots through which is very good skill to have,

Mathys Dube 5’9 LSF College Notre-Dame Albatros: verygood skater, can skate for days, lightning fast, might not be the best technical stride in the world, but this kid can fly, doesn’t shy away from the dirty areas of the ice, ultra-energy player, extremely aggressive on the forecheck, active stick, plays a lot bigger than his stature, can play both forward positions, but I definitely see him playing the wing to start his career at the next level, but there’s no denying he can skate and play the middle at the Q level, he’s very good in the face off dot, good instincts with and without the puck, great two-way presence, very good puck skills and very good play maker, the teams that overlook this kids size, understand what he can bring to the game, Dube, could be considered a steal in this draft, because this kid is the ultimate competitor and energy player, type of player that can play up and down any line up and would be a penalty killing machine at the next level, his hands and puck skills are good enough to play the half boards on the man advantage, this kid does everything at top speed.

Vincent Murray 6’0 LSD Gatineau L’Intrepide : above average skater, solid puck mover, stay at home defender, no flash or dash type of d-man, steady, shutdown potential, tough to play against, real nasty edge to his which is great to see, will never shy away from the physicality of the position,  active stick in all three zones, willing to take a hit to make a play, great body positioning on the defensive side of the puck, solid gap control, good first pass, will have to get a few steps quicker to excel at the next level, but this kid thinks the game very well and plays to his identity shift in, shift out, great instincts for the game and the position, good release from the point position, if Murray continues to develop and grow, he will be a great addition to any team as a solid two-zone defender.

Chad Bellemare 5’7 RSD St-Eustache Vikings: strong skater, good speed, can play both forward positions, but probably will start on the wing, great speed, checking energy type of winger with offensive upside, solid puck skills, plays a lot bigger than his stature, solid two-way winger, will need to keep getting faster to make sure he reaches his full potential at the Q level,

Antoine Fontaine 5’7 RSF Magog Cantonniers : good skater, good speed, very good puck skills, strong on the forecheck, great hockey IQ, plays a lot bigger than his size, doesn’t hesitate going to the dirty areas of the ice to generate offense, very creative, great quick release, will have to work on his speed and get stronger to make sure he will live up to his full potential at the Q level, definitely has a nose for the net, type of player that’s all over the puck all the time, lots of potential here no matter how tall he is,

Kaden McNeil 6’1 LSD Rothesay Netherwood River Hawks: Underrated, but certainly not undervalued, Kaden McNeil’s draft stock continues to soar, by some accounts McNeil’s performance at the recent Q Cup was exceptional, very good skater and transitional D-man, this kid can skate for days, good puck skills, keeps things simple, highly effective and efficient puck mover in all three zones which is a pretty rare skill to possess for a young defender in this day and age, plays to his identity every time he steps on the ice, great instincts for the game, jumps into the rush at the right times, McNeil understands the less is more approach to the game and position, good shot from the point position, can play both sides with relative ease, but will more than likely start his junior career on the left side, won’t light it up offensively, at the next level, he plays the position and the game the right way, McNeil is a big time sleeper pick, the team that selects will be very impressed with this future solid two-zone shutdown defender

Mavrick Brunet 5’9 LSF Laval-Montreal Rousseau Royal : very good skater, solid edges and agility, it’s all about getting stronger and faster for Mavrick Brunet for him to excel at the next level, all the other attributes are certainly there to become a very effective two-way center at the Q level. great instincts and hockey sense, good puck skills, good accurate shot, solid play maker,

Lincoln Waugh 5’9 LSD Charlottetown Knights: fantastic competitor, great skater, he can skate for days, Waugh is going to play the game the right way every shift, he lets the game come to him, he picks his spots to be the dynamic defencemen, This kid is a savvy defender, who effectively and efficiently plots his way around the ice. He makes plays in all three zones with relative ease. His head is always and I mean always up, He’s not the biggest most physically intimidating rear guard, but he seemingly never loses a puck battle due in large part to his tremendous edge control, agility and smarts. This kid will be an outstanding Major Junior defender, good leader, glue guy in the room, His draft ranking has slightly dropped over the year, which is puzzling to me, the team that drafts him won’t be disappointed, they will have a four to five year two and half zone defender that will eat minutes in any situation.

Alexandre Ritchie 6’0 LSD Laval-Montreal Royal: good skater, great stick and gap control, great pivots, great instincts for the game and position, good pucks skills and very effective first pass, can play both sides of the ice, seems to be more comfortable on the right side, will have to get a touch quicker and stronger to reach his full potential at the Q level, solid two-zone defender in the making here, has all the tools to be a solid contributor to any blueline at the Major Junior level,

Brett Yuzik 6’3 RSF College Charles-Lemoyne Riverains: good skater for his size, power forward in the making if not already, tremendous release, goes to all the dirty areas of the ice to create time and space and offence for himself and his teammates, gritty two-way presence, more suited for the wing position, so he will have to continue to get quicker and more explosive, but that will certainly come with time and experience at the next level, if this kid continues to develop lookout because he has great offensive instincts and a heavy highly accurate shot, great hands and vision, very good passer of the puck, lots of potential in this player,

Liam Furey 6’2 LCG Halifax Macs: solid goaltending prospect, moves quite well for a big goaltender, needs to get quicker on his lateral movements post to post and tracking players cutting across the middle of the ice, but very square to the shooter and solid technical foundation, down early at times, would like to see his glove a little higher when in the butterfly, solid rebound control will need to improve in that area to excel at the next level.

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