Could You Imagine?

Could you imagine living on the other side of the line?

Could you imagine having tons of success in school and thriving?

Could you imagine working to just make ends meet plus staying up all hours of the night working on school work?

Could you imagine seeing the end is near and having so many opportunities to pursue knowing full well you and your family can’t afford it?

Could you imagine not wanting to leave school, because school is your safe place, it’s where you feel the most wanted and supported?

Could you imagine being a grad of 2022?

Could you imagine wanting to participate in all the grad activities with your friends, but knowing deep down you can’t afford it.

Could you imagine how that would feel?

It’s an incredibly difficult time of the year for so many young people, especially those walking across the stage.

Let’s not forget the struggle goes a lot deeper for those kids coping with financially instability.

Let’s not assume they will ask for help this time of year.

Could you imagine asking for help?

Not that easy is it.

Obviously, it’s a time to celebrate the accomplishments of the grads of 2022, but it’s time to celebrate every single kid, not just the entitled ultra successful ones.

It’s time to make sure everyone’s sacrifices and successes are celebrated no matter what their socio-economic background is.

As we transition back to more “normal” grad festivities this year my biggest concern is that some kids will be missed or feel left out.

Could you imagine how that would feel?

You would if you were that kid and that family. Let’s not assume anything right now, now is the time that every graduate feels supported and part of the process and proceedings. It’s there time as well.

It’s an extremely difficult time of year for many graduates and their families, let’s not forget that.

To all the teachers and staff out there behind the scenes making sure things work out, we see you, we appreciate you and we know, we couldn’t do it without you.

Could you imagine?

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