Halifax or Moncton: Which Host City will Get What?

The excitement in Moncton and Halifax is still at an all time high, nevertheless, there’s more questions than answers right now surrounding the 2023 World Juniors. Obviously, everyone is worried about securing their ticket packages for arguably the most well known hockey tournament ever, but which host city will get what is at the top of everyone’s mind.

Historically all signs would point to Halifax being Team Canada’s home base, so that might mean the Hub City would get the Championship game?

Photo Credit Hockey Canada

The Avenir Centre would provide an amazing stage for the finals. Obviously, both host cities would want as many Team Canada games as possible.

Hockey Canada would definitely have criteria around which host city would get what and there’s no doubt someone in that inner circle knows all the answers. Planning and decisions surrounding Team Canada’s home base are no doubt already made. One could also speculate that they were negotiated between the organizing committees early on during the initial planning stages of the bid.

Another major concern surrounding the shared event is price point and ticketing.

Fans will want to know right away where all the “big games” are being played, but might not have the luxury to decide due to the demand.

One could also speculate that ticket packages for both locations will sell out in a matter of minutes.

There was a strict vaccination policy for this year’s event, but one would assume that won’t be in place moving forward since restrictions surrounding COVID-19 have been dropped all over the world.

The excitement and speculation is growing for the 2023 World Juniors!

Which host city will get what? All the questions will be answered soon enough the world is coming to Moncton and Halifax!

For ticket information click here https://www.iihf.com/en/static/23912/tickets

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