A Long and Winding Road for the Wildcats Overagers

High expectations, phenomenal Junior careers and the hopes of having professional opportunities in the future. Jaxon Bellamy, Brooklyn Kalmikov and Jonathan Lemieux Junior careers are coming to an end.

The Moncton Wildcats overage situation has been influx for the last two seasons, but the impact that every 20 year old has had on the organization has been instrumental in the teams rebuild.

Today is a final regular season game for Jaxon Bellamy, Jonathan Lemieux and Brooklyn Kalmikov.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

Every player has their own unique journeys in the game and that can certainly be said for this Wildcats trio.

Bellamy, Kalmikov and Lemieux have been outstanding for the rebuilding squad this season. Obviously all three arrived via trades and have they ever paid dividends. This overage trio did whatever was asked them and more when it came to fulfilling their role with the organization. Exceptional leaders, great teammates and most importantly they all made those around them better and that’s all you can ask for, for any overager in a rebuild situation.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

There’s no question, these three players have bright futures in the game. Whether it’s the USports level or professional hockey Bellamy, Kalmikov and Lemieux will definitely have an opportunity to further their careers.

When you look back and reflect on any organizations overagers it’s all about value, competitive spirit, skill and leadership.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

Obviously, difficult decisions were made when acquiring these three players, but they have epitomized what being a Moncton Wildcat is all about.

Kalmikov has carried this scoring deprived team all season long, while Bellamy has solidified the defensive framework while bringing toughness, energy, grit and some offence to the line up. Lemieux has been a great mentor for Vincent Filion and has really locked things down and has given his team a chance to win almost every night.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

Ultimately everyone will judge the Wildcats overagers by their playoff performances, but their impact goes a lot deeper than that.

The Wildcats trio of overagers have played to their identity and have fulfilled their roles with class, dignity, skill and integrity.

It’s been a long and winding road for the Wildcats overagers with plenty of twists and turns. The adversity they have all been confronted with over their junior careers have made them the people and players they are today.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

This trio have left a lasting impression on a young Wildcats team building towards the future.

Best of luck to Jaxon Bellamy, Brooklyn Kalmikov and Jonathan Lemieux.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

Their journey is coming to an end, but there’s no question they will leave it all on the ice come President Cup Playoff time.

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