Wildcats Rookie On a Similar Trajectory to that of Jeremy McKenna

It’s early for lofty comparisons, but some comparisons can’t be avoided.

Alex Mercier plays a very similar game to that of former Moncton Wildcat scoring star Jeremy McKenna.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

Obviously, comparisons are not always fair, but the Wildcats rookie forward has all the tools it takes to be a phenomenal scoring winger at the QMJHL level.

Mercier is extremely crafty in traffic, has exceptional vision and a hard accurate release similar to that of McKenna.

Mercier has great puck skills in traffic, and doesn’t shy away from the dirty areas of the ice. Actually he might skate a little bit better than McKenna did at 16 years of age, but he doesn’t have the cannon or knack for the net just yet, but that will come with time.

McKenna’s rookie season was truly incredible if you think about it, because he was part of the Wildcats massive overhaul. McKenna did most of his damage on the power play and relied heavily on his lethal shot to score his 16 goals. McKenna improved every aspect of his game in his sophomore season and blossomed into an elite level sniper.

In 66 games in 2016-17, “The Summerside Sniper” had (16 goals 10 assists) 26 points. In 40 games this season Mercier has 7 goals and 11 assists. His offensive output will only improve with experience.

The similarities between Mercier and McKenna are undeniable.

It’s early, but the Wildcats scouting staff have found an excellent young player in Alex Mercier, which in fact could be the next Jeremy McKenna.

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