Managing It All

They work behind the scenes. They are seldomly in team pictures or get all the accolades they deserve. Their job is extremely difficult and sometimes borders on the mondain, but without them everyone would be lost.

They literally manage it all.

Hockey team managers are the unsung heroes of the game. With so many hockey seasons wrapping up with championship banners or final team pictures being posted on social media is amazing to see, but the people that make it all run smoothy are usually the ones taking those pictures or frantically setting everything up for when the team goes into the dressing room to celebrate or console them after a heartbreaking defeat. Win or lose team managers are always there doing all the right things at the right times.

Managing it all is clearly an understatement when it comes to the work that team managers do. From chauffeur, to statistician, to team psychologist, to mediator, to budgetary genius, to master scheduler, their work never ends. Of course, they have a vested interest in what happens with the team because they have a child in the mix, but the best managers can balance it all and keep their personal interests separate for the benefit of everyone involved.

The best managers never want credit, they do everything behind the scenes because they never want to be out front because they believe that’s not their role or job. For them it’s all about the players and coaches. They do everything in their power to shine the light on everyone else. Their selfless work impacts everyone equally. In hockey terms all the best managers are always two plays ahead. They are the honest two-way players, the glue of the team, the player that always stands up for their teammates, the player that is always willing to take a hit to make a play.

Many managers feel wanted, appreciated and part of the team, but the best way to honour them for all of their work behind the scenes is to say thank you. Many don’t hear that enough. The game of hockey has a way of connecting us all, team managers are the great connectors within it.

They truly manage it all.

To all the team managers out there, I see you, I see and appreciate your efforts, Thank you for everything you do, you make the game we all love better for everyone!

See you at the rink or your second home,

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