“You Classless F@$ks”

I thought I heard and seen it all before, well I was wrong. Yesterday was entirely new experience.

“You classless fucks.”

That’s what one hockey father yelled yesterday afternoon after their child’s team lost. He directed his tirade towards the winning teams parents.

He yelled it with a somewhat scary smile on his face.

Ironically the team in question had several players that had simply awful body language and attitude. Sadly those players could really play.

Hockey is a wonderful game, it’s too bad there’s people that ruin it by yelling and screaming.

A collective group of that teams hockey parents were yelling at the refs to and exchanged unpleasantries with the opposing teams parents on a few occasions.

Part of me hates documenting stories like this, but something has to change. The more these stories get told the more attention might get paid to fixing the problem

Every association and league across the hockey world have rules in place to discourage this type of behaviour, but unfortunately it still happens and it’s getting worse instead of better.

Hockey parents get a really bad rap because of a small percentage of others that yell and scream. The worse thing of all is yelling obscenities and screaming at the top of your lungs is considered somewhat normal behaviour when it comes to the game of hockey. It’s so normalized now that people who hear it just ignore it.

Some things may never change, especially when it comes to hockey crazed parents yelling and screaming.

Oh I wonder if that hockey dad regrets their actions today?

I wonder if that select group of hockey parents believe they did anything wrong?

You see it’s just normal. Yelling and screaming obscenities is normal occurrence when you enter a rink or when things don’t go your way.

I’m scared to see where the game is going to keep going if things don’t get fixed.


  1. Craig, our beloved game of hockey is in trouble because of this exact behaviour. In New Brunswick this season 23 games were cancelled not because of Covid, not because of snow storms, not because there was no ice, but because there were no officials. This “Don Cherry Righteousness” that you should curse and swear at officials has lead to over a 30% decline in referee registrations. The parents of these players do not understand, they’ll have no one to boo at because there kids won’t be playing. Witnessed it first hand this weekend at the HNB AAA provincials.


  2. Solution for organizations would be to sit kids who parents are out-of-line in the stands. Sort of like barring the Russians from Wimbeldon.


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