Unnoticed and Underrated

Some players go unnoticed, most of them are also highly underrated and undervalued. It seems like every team has a player that flies under the radar, plays the game the right way all of the time and never gets the credit they deserve. Only their teammates and coaches truly know how valuable they really are. Moncton Flyers defencemen Conrad Allen is one of the most unnoticed and underrated defencemen in the NB/PEI Major U18 AAA Hockey League. It’s rare to hear Allen’s name and you might not see him on the score sheet at the end of the night, but you know what you are going to get every time #16 is on the ice. The solid skating, puck moving, stay at home defender from Baie-Verte, New Brunswick isn’t flashy he just gets the job done. Allen plays the game and the position the right way with heart, determination and an unwavering will to compete.

Photo Credit Normand Leger

Those aspects of the game are certainly not understated in the game today. Allen may not catch your eye when he patrols the Flyers blueline, but he’s as steady as they come. Obviously, like any young defender when they overhandle the puck or don’t move it quick enough they have a tendency to get in trouble, but Allen has really refined and almost perfected that aspect of his game over his tenure with Flyers.

Only true hockey connoisseurs understand Allen’s value and impact. The 17-year-old is the type of player that doesn’t get all the press, headlines and notoriety. He just shows up punches the card and goes to work. Ironically, one of the best compliments for any stay at home, puck moving defencemen is going unnoticed. “I didn’t even see him out there,” often comes to mind when mentioning players like Allen. Going unnoticed means they don’t make the glaring game changing mistake or countless costly turnovers. Going unnoticed also means consistency especially when they are out there in any situation. You see Conrad Allen is an honest player and honest players are usually underrated, understated and unfortunately unappreciated. Everyone wants to win hockey games, everyone believes skill wins you games.

Obviously, it does, but you just have to ask all those skilled players who the most important players are on their respective teams and they won’t hesitate in telling you, the energy players. You can call them whatever the hell you want, but players like Conrad Allen log all the tough minutes that you need to win the games that matter most. It doesn’t matter where players like Allen are on the depth chart or in the lineup, the reliability, stability, and character they bring to the game and team speaks for itself. Allen’s unconventional path to the Flyers is yet another great example of a player taking advantage of an opportunity and possessing the intangibles it takes to prove that they do in fact belong and can contribute to team success. You might have not noticed Conrad Allen and that’s ok, he’s just out there doing his thing flying under the radar and helping his team win and ultimately that’s what its all about.

Underrated, but not understated.

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