The Prep School Route

What route should they take? Prep school or ? What’s the best route for them? Prep school or ?

Over the years I have heard and seen some amazing things coming out of both brands of hockey. I have also heard some not so good stories , like really bad ones.

One of the most controversial topics when it comes to the game of hockey and player development is choice. Just let that sink in for a minute. Choice is controversial? How can that be?

It’s clear in the game of hockey when families make choices about the direction or path they decide to take that others will ultimately ridicule them.

In all honesty is that fair? Hell no. But in the hockey world people tend to hold grudges, gossip and criticize other people’s decisions.

In the hockey world when people make decisions about what they think is best for their son or daughter some people get really upset and resentful.

Whenever parents reach out to discuss prep schools and what the best route for their child might be I usually talk about the following aspects.

Education, culture, atmosphere, the developmental opportunities and the brand of hockey.

Again it all comes back to the family’s choice. Not what I think or what other people think, it’s up to the family it’s their decision, it’s their choice.

I realize why some people get extremely upset with other people’s decisions, but let’s be brutally honest it’s not yours to make.

Are prep schools the best option for player development?

Why do some families spend significant capital to send their child away to attend school and play hockey?

Again those are choices hockey families make.

“Prep schools are to blame for lessening competition in certain regions or local areas.”

“Prep schools are stealing all of the talent.”

Obviously, we have all heard the arguments over the years and those arguments are still raging, but again it all comes down to choice.

Why is choice so controversial in the game of hockey?

That’s the real question people should be asking.

I’ve heard the good, the bad and the ugly about prep schools and other countless programs.

It’s all about choice. Every hockey program will boast about this and that.

Some people will look at the stats, the hard facts to base their decisions or make their choices while others will try to talk to as many people as they can.

Some advisors and agents will also be involved in the decisions being made.

Everyone has the right to make their decision or choice when it comes to the game of hockey, whether everyone likes it or not well that’s up to the individual isn’t it.

What about exposure?

What about the competition?

Again, all choices that are made by those people involved.

At the end of the day it’s all about choice and what they think is best for their son or daughter!

Why can’t some within the hockey world understand and accept that?

Every hockey family have their reasons for the decision they make. Just like every player has their own unique path in the game.

Why do some people in the hockey world have to be so critical and vocal when it comes to other hockey families decisions?

Well, I guess it all comes down to make a choice doesn’t it!

One comment

  1. You are right, Craig. It’s all about choice. A huge factor in the ridicule is jealousy.
    Prep school doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars. And yes, I know this first hand being a 4 year US prep school grad.
    Often, development is the huge part of the decision. They usually have rinks on campus, practice daily, play top programs around North America and have a proven track record to developing not only hockey players, but great people too.
    I’m not saying if you go to prep school you are better than others, not at all. I’m saying for some, like me, it helped me develop my game, but more significantly developed me as a person.
    The choice is up to the individual.


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