Sign Up, Pay Up or Be Left Behind

Sign up, pay up or be left behind.

That’s the general consensus around the hockey world especially in the earlier levels of the game when it comes to spring hockey.

Let’s start by saying there’s some amazing programs out there that do amazing things developing kids.

The particular program parents and players decide to choose or not choose is completely up to them and should never interfere in the upward mobility or ascension in the game for the following season.

Unfortunately and sadly in some instances that’s not the case.

The spring hockey world is a business, no one denies that, everyone knows that going into it, but the real question that remains is why should parents feel obligated or almost forced to put them in spring hockey?

Obviously, sign up, pay up or you get left behind. That’s the mindset, which is really sad. It’s crazy to think that hockey families feel backed into a corner when it comes to joining spring hockey, but many do.

Again there’s some fantastic programs out there, this isn’t about them, it’s about the stigma behind not putting your child in spring hockey and this perceived notion that the kid or family doesn’t want it, doesn’t want to make the sacrifices. That’s just plain wrong on so many levels, but you would be surprised the buzz or undercurrent and talk that goes on.

Aside from all the regular hockey parent talk and politics lives the spring hockey participation debate.

If you thought regular season hockey was political, spring hockey is the pinnacle of all of that.

Why should it matter which program a family chooses?

Why should it matter if the kid or family decide to take a break from spring hockey?

Why should anything be talked about during hockey’s off season?

In many cases, spring hockey has already started before the “regular season” is finished which is just perplexing in my opinion.

Is spring hockey a money grab?

I don’t know, it’s a choice parents and players make.

Should it matter if you play or not play? Hell no!

Should it matter what program you choose? Hell no!, but it does!

Should it impact the following seasons selection process? Hell no, but from what I’m hearing it does.

Is spring hockey wrong? Hell no, it’s all the peripheral bull shit surrounding it that’s the real issue.

Does spring hockey help in the developmental aspects of the game? Yes, I’m sure it helps some players more than others, but that’s entirely up to the family to decide.

Just once I wish we could take all the political bull shit out of the game!

What about the kid? What does the kid want to do? Has anyone ever asked that question?

Believe what you want to believe, everyone will have their opinions on this one, I just feel for all the hockey parents out there that feel forced if they don’t sign up, pay up that they will be left behind.

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