“His Passion for the Game is Like No Other”

The search is finally over the Montreal Canadiens, they have found their man or savior, depending on how you look at it. There’s no question Kent Hughes has his work cut out for him turning around one of the most storied franchises in all of sports. At first glance, it’s a daunting task, but those that know Hughes the best believe he’s up to the challenge.

“Kent’s passion for the game is like no one that I know,” said Dwight Wolfe who first met Hughes in 2017 and started working for him and Quartexx Management in 2018.

Photo Credit Montreal Canadiens

“When people say they “eat, sleep, and breathe hockey” that perfectly describes Kent,” said the former Maple Leaf Draft pick.

During Hughes’ introductory press conference, he mentioned being a “hockey junkie.”

“I couldn’t agree more with that,” Wolfe said with a smile.

“From negotiations, to recruitment, to watching his own kids play hockey in the NCAA and coaching a U-16 hockey team in Boston, Kent is hockey all of the time.”

“I think the best way to describe Kent’s knowledge of game is in one word, immeasurable,” added Wolfe.

“He’s been dealing with parents, NHL players, GM’s, clients and has been negotiated contracts for over 25 years. There’s not much Kent hasn’t witnessed or have been a part of that relates to hockey, he’s like a book of knowledge when it comes to the game and the business side of it.”

 Wolfe has been around the game of hockey his entire life. From playing, to coaching, to scouting and now representing young aspiring players achieve their goals and dreams in the game. He credits Hughes for not only giving him an opportunity, but being an amazing mentor and leader along the way.

“If any of my colleagues or our clients and their families were ever in a situation or had a question, we would always lean on Kent for guidance, he was always there for us.”

“Kent he was a great mentor, I learned so much from him. The one aspect I respected the most about Kent was watching how he handled the day-to-day business at Quartexx.”

In 2016, Quartexx Management, expanded through the merger with MFive Sports. MFive Sports were headed by Hughes and Anton Thun.  The duo brought over three decades of experience to the agency which represents countless current NHLer’s.  Thun and Hughes were there throughout all the drastic changes that the game had experienced over the course of its history. With all of Hughes’ and Quartexx’ success why make the move now, why venture into uncharted waters?  

“I can’t speak for Kent on why he took the GM job, obviously he was born and raised there, but I think Jeff Gorton saw him as a great asset for the Canadiens organization.”

“I think it was an opportunity that was presented to him where he could do what he does best and put his mark on a storied franchise. The Canadiens need someone with experience, understanding of people, how to bring culture to a team and someone that isn’t afraid of making changes.  

Photo Credit Quartexx Management

That’s what Kent does best, he’s going to be a great fit for the organization,” stressed Wolfe.

Every organization across the hockey world wants to develop a winning and championship culture. From the Stanley Cup finals to potentially the organizations lowest point, Kent Hughes is about to embark on his toughest challenge yet in the game of hockey.

“I think the most important aspect that Kent Instilled in everyone at Quartexx is a sense of family and togetherness.”

“He made sure all of the clients and their families were treated exceptionally well, just like you would treat your own family. However, he always challenged us to be at our best, to do all of our homework in advance, it was all about hard work and working together, it was all about family,” Wolfe said.

The hockey world might not be familiar with Kent Hughes just yet, but by all indications they will soon find out what he’s all about.

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