Now Isn’t the Time

With the Dallas Stars latest struggles, it appears that longtime NHL coach Rick Bowness might in fact be on the hot seat.

Don’t worry Rick Bowness knows all about the process and profession. In a league where you’re hired to be fired, seeing a person like Rick Bowness potentially end his illustrious career by being let go like this just doesn’t seem right.

The hockey God’s wouldn’t allow that to happen. You see now isn’t the time to fire the league’s All-Time leader for games coached.

The impact that Rick Bowness has had on the game and the players and their families over the course of his career is truly extraordinary.

Rick Bowness is arguably the most genuine down to earth person you would ever want to meet.

The problems in Dallas aren’t behind the bench. There are countless players that have underachieved going on two years now.

The beloved bench boss returns to a city that he and his family called home for five seasons after an absolute drumming at the hands of the Florida Panthers two nights ago.

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Losing is losing, but when you lose 7-1, one would hope the Stars rebound tonight. One can only hope this won’t be Bowness’ last trip back to Tampa Bay.

Bowness took the Stars all the way to the Stanley Cup finals in the bubble. He turned things around and he can turn things around once again.

To say that Bowness has been chasing the Cup for a long time would be an understatement. Facing the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Cup finals that year had to be special and devastating all at the same time.

Seeing all of his former players skate over and hug him after they won the Cup was incredibly touching and just speaks volumes to the coach, but more importantly the man.

Injuries and the pandemic haven’t been kind to a lot of organizations, especially the Stars.

The Stars core group have struggled to say the least. By all accounts the team seems to be off kilter. There’s no lack of talent or skill, the Stars are jammed full of it, they just have to regain their mojo, grit and confidence.

There’s no better coach on the planet that can instil that in his players than Rick Bowness.

The passionate veteran bench boss hasn’t lost the room. They trust their leader, they just need to trust themselves and go out and play as a cohesive unit.

Now isn’t the time to let a coach go, now is the time for the Stars core group of players to turn the corner.

If there’s a team that can turn things around in a hurry it’s the Dallas Stars.

Obviously, as we have seen time and time again this season things change in a hurry in the “Wild” Western Conference.

A victory tonight in Tampa could be the kickstart the Stars need to start living up to their potential. The Stars sit 6th in the Wildcard.

Now isn’t the time to let Rick Bowness go.

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