PEH Offering Free Programming

Pro Evolution Hockey has the Holiday spirit. One of the best hockey development programs in the region is offering a free two week online training session for young hockey players.

That’s right, free!

In this day and age nothing is free, especially in the game of hockey, but PEH’s Rick Leger believes in giving back to sport and the community.

“Kids have had a tough go for the last few years so it is just a way for us to give back.”

Cody Steeves and I were meeting to start planning next summer’s programming and he came up with the idea that we should give back to the community during the holidays,” said Leger.

“We came up with this two week conditioning program so kids can keep moving over the holidays.”

“We are really glad we are offering this in light of our government’s new restrictions,” Leger said.

PEH has been on the cutting edge of fitness and skill development since inception. Derek Cormier and Leger have helped countless players maximize their development over the summer months offering up innovative programming that really makes a difference.

Leger understands the financial toll the game can have on families during this time of year and throughput the entire calendar year.

“We understand that our full summer programs are a big commitment. We will be looking at putting together programming for players in remote areas that might not be able to come to Dieppe,” stressed Leger.

“We are also having a lot of interest from U-11 and U-13 players over the last year so there’s an opportunity for teaching, mentoring and training within the online / group environment.”

Leger is a strong believer in staying active during the Christmas season. “Kids now more than ever need to stay active and not stay glued to the Ipad or TV. The program will be great for parents, they will be able to do it with their child so it’s a nice quality time also,” Leger said with a smile.

The success and impact PEH is having on the game and those that play it in this region isn’t lost on Leger.

“It’s been pretty amazing over the last 10 years.”

“I started alone with six kids and over the years it kept growing. In the last three years we added key staff like Andre Daigle, Cody Steeves, Antoine Cote, Sean Devarennes, Nicholas Forget and Tanner Somers. Without them, PEH would not be what it is today,” Leger said proudly.

“When Derek and I decided to partner up three years ago, that’s when it really blew up..”

We had 136 athletes this summer and their success really speaks for itself.” PEH have contributed to four professionals that play in the NHL , ECHL, DEL and Sweden. Nine University and College players have used the programming along with 26 QMJHL, 13 Junior A, 14 U-18 AAA Major, 13 U-16 AAA Minor, 29 U-15 AAA Major players and 15 U-15 AAA Minor players and 6 Prep School players.

18 year pro Derek Cormier brings an unparalleled passion to the program and game of hockey.

“It’s been nothing short of amazing,” Leger said of Cormier’s impact on the program.

“Derek brought some amazing pro experience for the on ice skill development portion of the PEH program. His connections and credibility in the region really helped propel PEH to what it is today.”

Their relationship and partnership is as strong as ever.

“It’s fun to develop and bounce ideas off of someone with a great hockey pedigree like Derek,” Leger said.

What’s it like being able to help young aspiring players and pro’s reach their goals and aspirations?

“We play a small part in developing kids into young adults and athletes, but it’s very rewarding seeing them make a Bantam AAA, Junior and Pro team, it almost feels like being a proud parent.”

“We are very lucky to have staff that really care and want nothing more than the best for each kid and vice versa the kids are lucky to have them.”

Obviously, the pandemic has been extremely difficult to navigate for any small businesses.

“Two years ago was quite stressful trying to figure out if we were even going to be able to run the program, but with the help of key personnel at the City of Dieppe we were able to get our set up done and run the program. Last summer, besides extra sanitization, it was quite normal,” Leger said.

There’s no question PEH continues to make a massive difference in the game today. For Leger, it’s all about the people.

“Derek, Cody and I have had several conversations about this and we really think the sky’s the limit. We would like to be able to run it year round, providing mentorship programs, online programs and in our own facility.”

“There are exciting things to come for young hockey players in this region through PEH, so stay tuned,” Leger said proudly.

There’s no season quite like the Holiday season especially when you receive things for free for the overall betterment of the game and the health and fitness of young players that are lucky enough to play it.

Pro Evolution Hockey’s Free two week Christmas programming for U-11, U-13, U-15 and U-18 players starts very soon. To register for this amazing offer click on the link below!

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