Some Hockey Parents Just Want to Be Heard

Hockey parents are heard all over the hockey world. It’s mostly all bad and that’s why it’s so hard for some parents to be heard. Hockey parents get an extremely bad rap, we all know that, but over the last few years more and more parents just want to be heard.

Clearly, we all hear the ignorant hockey parents in the rinks and unfortunately that will never change, but for the most part the hockey parents that have contacted me personally seem to be lost.

They don’t know where to turn to next. You see, they along with their son or daughter have been lied to so many times by those within the hockey world they don’t know where or who turn to, most are at a crossroads. All they want is someone to listen, someone not to judge them and give them a fair and honest opinion. As well all know that’s not always easy to find in the hockey world.

These parents don’t want the wool pulled over their eyes anymore, they want the truth.

Obviously, hockey parents all over this region know the game is full of politics, and for the most part they have all played that game or have been negatively affected by it.

Many hockey parents just want to be heard, want a fair assessment of where their child stands and any options they have to consider moving forward.

These parents are eager to listen, but at the end of the day, they don’t want praise or validation, they want affirmation that they are making potentially the right decision, which is the best decision for their child, which you have to respect.

Them reaching out has nothing to do with contacts or phone calls to advance their son or daughter’s path in the game, they just want to be heard, they want honest feedback, a fresh set of eyes, a neutral voice, but more importantly a neutral listener. The hockey parents that should be heard are always the ones that fly under the radar.

As they say the squeaky wheel always gets the grease.

Hockey parents that have legitimate concerns or questions are scared shitless to ask them, because of the perception that it creates.

They feel that it will drastically effect their child’s progression in the game and you know something they are exactly right.

It’s ridiculous to think that hockey parents fork over so much money and have zero say in what goes on.

I realize there’s some phenomenal coaches out there, but on the other hand there’s some awful ones that refuse to take a proactive communicative approach when it comes to the game, development and dealing with hockey parents.

It’s usually the quiet hockey parents that are the most intuitive, engaged and knowledgeable. You know something it shows by their son or daughter’s play on the ice.

They are the most resilient, hard working and dedicated. They are the players that have amazing character and drive. It’s usually the loud mouth hockey parents that have the most entitled players on the team.

Don’t believe me, just listen and observe.

Some hockey parents just need to be heard.

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