Minor Hockey Chronicles: 1st Edition

Shouldn’t they be scoring more goals? Can you imagine a hockey parent coming to the coach asking why their kid isn’t scoring 5 or 6 goals a game like they did last year?

Well that shit is true.

Can you imagine separating kids or dividing at the U-9 level?

Photo Credit NHL.com

Can you imagine thinking that’s a good thing?

Just think about all the kids the politics and bureaucrats are weeding out of the game. We are systematically eliminating kids from the playing the game they think they love.

Oh shouldn’t they be scoring more goals?

Holy shit people wake up. What message does it send to kids that are new to the game that we are going to separate or divide the group just because, some group of hockey parents or I should say “a selection committee” deems you to a better hockey player than someone else at 8 years old.

Is that what the game has come to?

Like seriously.

Oh don’t forget why isn’t my kid scoring goals like they did last year.

Hockey isn’t what it used to be.

The game has changed, but the bull shit politics haven’t.

You don’t think they exist, just watch and listen. Observe the tryout process. Hockey’s hierarchy is limiting opportunities, don’t believe me, just look at the numbers.

You see everyone involved in the game blames everyone else for screwing the game up so badly.

The coaches blame the parents, the parent blame the coaches, the associations strive to make the game better, but they are so desperate for help they turn to those crazed or shall I say “eager” hockey parents/coaches to help out and volunteer.

The game is broken, well let me rephrase that the game isn’t broken, the system and politics broke it a long time ago.

You know who’s responsible for all of this……..we all are, because we keep letting this shit happen. It’s happening all over the place and the people that stand up for what’s right are treated like outcasts because that’s how the system set it up.

Can you imagine any hockey parent in their right mind going to a coach asking why their kid isn’t scoring 5 or 6 goals like they did last year?

You see we need to teach people the game, we need to re-educate people is probably a better word for it, because their perspective is all messed up.

We need to revamp the selection process, we need to listen to those experts in the hockey world that are actually trusted mentors rather the first “eager” parent coach to push for a coaching position.

You know something, that parent coach is mostly eager for one thing,

and that is to develop their own kid. Let’s not fool yourself here folks.

Let’s not be naive, this shit is happening all over the region and it’s killing player progression, but most of all it’s killing the fun.

You want to know why kids aren’t playing the game anymore?

It’s easy they don’t love the game.

Who would when it’s so full of politics and bull shit.

Here’s a great take from someone in the game right now dealing with all the shit coming at them at warp speed. “Way too many parents are living the dream, with no idea.”

“Far too many kids are playing beyond their skill level, pushed by parents with cash & connections.”

“At best, the player “hangs on” and improves due to adapt or die, but the fun is gone.”

“What parents don’t realize is that FUN is the most important equation.”

It’s time for change. It’s time to reinvent the process. It’s time to listen to the right people, the right hockey minds. It’s time to grow the game. It’s time to re-educate and rediscover the true meaning of the game, which isn’t scoring 5 or 6 goals a game!

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  1. 100%. The system is broken and being run by those that are pushing their personal agenda (their own kid’s development) Minor hockey is also being influenced by local “For profit” hockey groups trying to push “their” players onto top teams so parents feel that they need sign their kids up to be part of said organization. Thus lining their own pockets.


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