Just Watch the Tape

Watch the tape.

After the first major showcase tournament of the season, players and coaches alike should watch tape.

They should do it through a reflective teachable lense, not one of anger or criticism.

You see that’s why some players can’t stand watching tape.

I know I’ve written about this recently, but seriously all the player and family want is for them to get better. The coach wants the same thing, but both parties need to come together and park potential resentment and get the job done.

Far too many times last weekend I witness selfish play after selfish play, by players that should know better. Obviously, I’m watching the player go back to the bench and receive zero feedback.

Sometimes I just shake my head.

U-16, U-18 is all about development, or it should be. Clearly everyone wants to win, but with development comes success.

Just the other day we talked about studying in my Social Studies 9 class.

I asked how many people here have ever been taught to study?

Some hands went up in every class.

Four students on average per class.

How in the hell do kids get to Grade 9 and not know how to study?

Well the same could be said about a hockey player that makes the same mistake over and over again.

They have never been taught. Never told.

Who’s fault is it then?

As teachers and coaches we can’t assume and move on.

“Oh they should learn that on their own.”

That’s bull shit.

It’s ridiculous to see QMJHL Drafted players not pass the puck at the U-18 level. It’s really quite absurd.

You see that drafted player believes they are a go to guy. The coach isn’t going to correct the behaviour because the team needs goals and points

So over the boards they go, refusing to pass, shoot first mentality. Oh they pass the puck, but at all the wrong times because they are over handling it, because they are a go to player.

Don’t believe me, go watch the tape.

You see this is the stuff that drafted players should be critiqued on every single game, every single shift, you know why they aren’t, because the almighty “W” still reigns supreme.

Watch the damn tape and learn how to play the right way, because you won’t last at the next level, because that shit doesn’t fly.

They the coaches at that level will pick you apart. Well they should or maybe they are too busy trying to win.

Something has to change. Elite level prospects and drafted prospects aren’t getting better they are stuck in neutral because they aren’t receiving any feedback that will help them have instant success.

We have all this technology, but yet the player and coaches aren’t using it.

Just watch the damn tape already and fix it, instead of saying it’s part of their developmental growth.

Do your job, watch the tape!

Teach the game or teach them how to study, it’s the same thing.

If coaches and players aren’t invested in watching tape and getting better, your setting yourselves up for failure and the next level gets farther and farther away.

Are you all about the wins or developmental?

Just watch the tape!

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