Observations From the Rink: 40th Monctonian Challenge Edition

Just Pass the Damn Puck

So many kids at the Midget level today feel they have to showcase their individual skills that they don’t move the puck fast enough, from a scouting perspective the player that can effectively move the puck are the first players that catch my eye, because of how rare it is in the game today. You want to get noticed and get drafted, Pass the Damn Puck!

Now don’t get me wrong, some players move it well, but many about over handling it for the sake of showcasing their individual skills.

Move the puck quickly and accurately and you will get noticed.

Keep Thinking the Game

We have created robots in the game today, players don’t think the game, instead of head manning the puck they either over handle it or they are taught up and out off the glass. There’s a time and place for that but it shouldn’t be your first option. It’s ruining the game!

You want to know why we don’t have more high end skill in the game today?

We have created non thinkers and robots that rely on systems. Players are programmed to play in a system, take for instance the cycle game, many times this week the players keep dumping it down the boards, no passing option, no awareness and no net drive, just keep it going down the boards, just don’t understand it or dumping the puck instead of trying to make a play.

No wonder players can’t pass they don’t know how. We have eliminated the most fundamental skill of the game, thus sucking the creativity out of the player in the process. Coaches at lower levels of the game are so rigid on their precious commitment to systems, it should be about development not all about the W!

A team that takes pride in moving the puck and playing like a team will win a lot of hockey games at the Midget level in this day and age!

The Intangibles

There’s no substitute to hard work, hunting pucks, back checking and playing both sides of the puck. Those are the intangibles that every scout is looking for. It’s not about the stat sheet. That’s the problem with the perception of the game today. Points are important! That’s total bull shit, it’s the intangibles that will take you the farthest in the game.

U-16 League and Division is A Success, even if you don’t think it is!

The U-16 Division of the Monctonian has been very competitive which is great to see! This league and division needs to continue, it needs more attention,

Hard work behind the scenes

I want to take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge the dedication of the Monctonian Challenge organizing committee and countless volunteers that made it all happen. Top notch tournament, Thank you!

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