Yanick Jean and the Sags Roll Through New Brunswick

Yanick Jean is extremely well known for playing the match up game.
He played it almost perfectly this weekend as his hockey club came away with a clean sweep of the New Brunswick based teams.
Jean and the entire Sags coaching staff deserve a lot credit for the team’s success.

The Sags are decimated by injuries, but yet played a solid responsible defensive game while boasting amazing transition offensive.
There’s no question the Sags are one of the best coached teams in the QMJHL.
Jean’s strongest attribute as a coach is understanding what it takes to develop players so they can have success.
Obviously, every coach in the circuit strives to do that, but very few can actually pull it off.
Right now the Sags are the epitome of a “team”. They play as a team, they defend and attack as a team. They are a hard nosed driving team that is unrelenting in all three zones. Sure they are getting inspired play from their veterans, but Jean is getting the most out of his young players as well because he trusts them, he teaches them, but more importantly he plays them.
The Chicoutimi Sagueneens organization are in extremely good hands like they have been for a long time now with Yanick Jean at the helm.
Expect big things from the Sags in the next few years and they are a team that you definitely don’t want to face in the first round of the playoffs.

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