All Alex Drover Needed Was a Chance

All Alex Drover ever needed was a chance. A chance to play, an opportunity to play in all the right situations to have success.

The 19-year-old gritty skilled forward has revitalized his hockey career under the watchful eyes of Serge Beausoleil and the Rimouski Oceanic. Revitalized might be the wrong word to use, because Alex Drover hasn’t really changed anything about his game, he’s finally getting an opportunity.

Drover burst on the scene what seems to be an eternity ago with the Halifax Mac’s. His draft stock soared that season and everything appeared to be working out for the young natural goal scorer when the Cape Breton Eagles Drafted him in the first round.

Photo Credit Rimouski Oceanic

Saying things didn’t go to plan would be an understatement.

It’s easy to put all the focus or blame on a young player when they struggle or get off to a slower than expected start. High expectations have followed Drover every step of the way throughout his path in the QMJHL.

When the Saint John Sea Dogs acquired Drover everyone thought the stars were starting to align for him. That couldn’t have been farther from the truth. Drover was buried and never really given a chance to showcase his skill set in the Port City,

Again it would be easy to blame the player, but what has changed?

Alex Drover was always willing to work, always willing to listen, all he needed was a chance, an opportunity to play in the right situations.

Enter the Rimouski Oceanic and Serge Beausoleil.

We all know Serge Beausoleil is a hard nosed coach, well that’s the perception right? You see perception is the ruination of many a good player and coach for that matter.

Serge Beausoleil has the uncanny knack of getting the most out of all his players. That’s what makes him a great coach.

Drover and Beausoleil have always been perceived a certain way.

Photo Credit the Rimouski Oceanic

You will never really understand a player or a coach until you get to know them on a personal level and really know what drives them.

Alex Drover is excelling in Rimouski because he has a coach that believes in him, that sets him up to have success.

You can’t tell me that Alex Drover didn’t play the right way in Cape or Saint John. You can’t tell me that he played any different or worked any harder then, than he does now.

The only thing that’s different is an opportunity that Serge Beausoleil has provided .

“Oh Alex Drover is 19, he’s finally figured it out.”

That take is so wrong on so many levels and quite frankly I’m sick and tired of hearing that take when it comes to players that have been perceived to be this type or that type of player.

Alex Drover deserves tons of credit for playing exceptionally well since his arrival in Rimouski and Serge Beausoleil deserves tons of credit for coaching and understanding that all some players need is an opportunity, one chance to showcase their talents.

That’s all Alex Drover ever needed was a chance.

Oh and for you stats people out there in 47 games with the Oceanic Alex Drover has 13 goals and 17 assists, is an even player and has 26 PIMs.


  1. Great article on a great hockey player, and an even better person. When he was in SJ I always enjoyed watching him play and he took the time to talk to my boys. The boys still talk about Alex. Especially my youngest son who went out with as the 7th player at the start of the game.


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