Go the Distance

There are some players that will do whatever it takes to accomplish their dream no matter what.

It takes character and courage to go the distance especially when things don’t always go your way.

To go the distance, you need perseverance and persistence, but more importantly you need to believe in yourself when no one else does.

The dream to play professional hockey is shared amongst so many, the deciding factor between getting there and falling short is minuscule.

So many players fall short due to the aforementioned attributes.

Character, courage, persistence and perseverance. Many players feel they are owed an opportunity, a chance, while others work their entire lives for one glimmer of light.

You see the spotlight shines bright for those that work, for those that play the game the right way, the hard way, but the right way.

Unappreciated, undervalued and on many a night unnoticed to average fan, these honest unrelenting players forge their own unique path in the game proving people wrong at every turn, at every stage of their journey.

They may prove people wrong, but they continue to prove to themselves that they belong, that everything that eventually comes their way is earned and never taken for granted. They know their role, they have embraced and perfected their identity.

Photo Credit William Rondeau Elite Prospects

You see these types of players are destined to play pro hockey. They are destined to make it, because they understand what it takes. They understand their value and what they bring to the game, to their team and organization.

Players like Drew Elliott know what it takes to keep the dream alive.

Drew Elliott’s unconventional path to the pros continues, make sure you’re paying attention, because he will go the distance.

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