Check In Time

The team is picked, the dust has settled and some games have already been played, but how are the players? How do they feel? How are the first year players adjusting to their new surroundings? What’s the dressing room culture like? What’s the leadership group like?

Now more than ever coaches and team personnel should be meeting with each player and checking in.

“Oh everything is ok, everything is fine.”

Default answers shouldn’t never be taken lightly.

Now is the time, for coaches to get to know the player, but more importantly the person.

Obviously, they know the player, but with so many summer skates, relationships should have already been established, but the best coaches have an amazing grasp on that dynamic. You see the best coaches these days know the person, well before the player and they make that the top priority without seemingly trying.

With all the pressure that comes with the tryout process and high expectations and draft year distractions, elite level Midget AAA coaches should check in at least once every few weeks to make sure their players are ok?

With so much going on these days every player needs to understand that they are valued and appreciated, even when they are being challenged and pushed. Nonetheless, they need to know that their mental health is valued and they feel comfortable and confident that they can talk and trust the coaches.

It’s time to check in, it’s time to see how every player is handling things on and off the ice.

Every coach and organization wants to win and have success, sometimes the most impactful aspects of winning don’t happen on the ice at all.

It’s check in time, let’s hope every coach is putting the person first and the player second.

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