The Affiliate

The Affiliate

It’s the lowest point of their of hockey playing career to that point and nothing can change that.

There’s no going back, it was out of their control, but the hope of affiliating and getting some games in to prove people wrong is the only motivating factor in every young player’s journey.

I really can’t stand hearing that some organizations promise affiliating players and never call them up, never call them up to practice, never even give them a sniff. Sure I get it if you don’t have injuries or suspensions, but call them up for practices, at least make an effort. Why promise something, if you don’t mean it?

Is it to save face for releasing the player, is to showcase the organization and say that the organization is all about player development?

Trust me, I’ve been there, it’s the hardest thing to do, I’ve signed affiliates, but I really tried hard to include them or call them up.

In my opinion, it’s probably the worst thing imaginable to make early promises to affiliates and never see it through.

You release a player, sign them, promise them an opportunity and in fact lie to them.

Unfortunately, some organizations sign affiliates make promises and always bring up Bantam aged kids first.

I’m all for underagers getting a shot, but it’s ridiculous that the affiliates who were promised an opportunity get none.

I guess it all goes back to culture it all goes back to broken promises and organizational philosophy.

With all the finalized rosters being made public every kid on those teams have a story every kid that was released is now fighting to prove everyone wrong.

How will adversity effect their journey in the game?

I guess it all goes back to the culture of the organization and developing players or winning banners?

A promise is a promise, let’s hope organizations around the hockey world keep all of their promises this year.

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