Less Is More in QMJHL Training Camps

Less is more.

We hear that statement all the time, but it’s so true when it comes to the game of hockey especially during the tryout process and especially during an inter-squad and preseason games which is happening all across the QMJHL the last few weeks.

I know we have all been told, “go out there and show them all what you can do” all of our lives, but this is different.

Obviously every player wants to showcase their talents, but trying to be something you’re not will get you noticed for all the wrong reasons.

Young players making the jump to the next level have to realize the importance of playing to their identity, thinking and processing the game quicker, but more importantly relying on their instincts to take over, hence the phrase “less is more.”

The players that shine the most during QMJHL training camps are those players that let things happen organically.

They don’t force the issue, they don’t try to be something they are not.

They move the puck, they play their position, they do all the little things right.

You see that will get them noticed a hell of a lot more than trying to be flashy.

Players that are able to play to their identity will undoubtedly find their way in the league a lot quicker.

They will have an immediate impact on the training camp and potentially force the hand of the powers that be to make either an easy decision or a very difficult one when it comes to player personnel.

Easy in the sense that they have to take the player and difficult because they have to part ways with a returning veteran.

The round in which you were selected or what you did last year isn’t worth a shit right now.

Every young player or free agent and veteran for that matter has to take notice, anything can happen in training camp.

One comment

  1. Less is more as player your always looking to improve and evolved your skills through trial and error.

    This why when it came to practice I would always focus on weaknesses first to become more complete player in what ever sport I play where it be Hockey, Rugby which I played for 12 years 4 professional

    And I was always taught and lucky to have hard nose but great mentoring coaches that wanted to push me to be my best.

    Defeat doesn’t define you how respond to adversity does no matter how many times you fall its about getting back up and pushing forward to be the best version of yourself.




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