Too Many People Involved

To scoop the story or to stay quiet?

That’s an incredibly difficult position to be in when there’s just too many people in play.

What about a solidly written speculation article?, it’s worked in the past.

Time and time again, I find myself in these situations sitting on a significant scoop, wanting to hit the publish button, but knowing if I do I will potentially expose a source or completely rupture a relationship.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

When rumours circulated about two months ago I couldn’t believe what I was actually hearing.

Obviously, it wasn’t the time to dig in, but as time has worn on, the story, a pretty damn significant one to be exact is now starting to become extremely intriguing because of the circumstances surrounding the organization. When you ask the right questions you will usually find out the truth.

To write or not to write?

To ruin a relationship or to gain more traction and integrity in the media?

Clearly, this isn’t about getting likes or retweets, this is all about the story, all about the truth.

The dilemma I’m currently facing revolves around people.

Too many families, too many potential sources could be hurt by one 300 word article.

All it would take usually is a few lines, a picture and all hell would break lose for the people involved if it were to be tweeted out or leaked.

There’s are some stories that aren’t yours to tell. There are some stories, you can’t write. I understand all of that now, but that doesn’t mean I won’t eventually write this one.

Perhaps I’ve sat on it long enough?

To be brutally honest I’m getting sick and tired of allowing my conscience to get in the way of a story or big news. The decision to sit on a story and a significant scoop is extremely difficult to navigate, but when people are involved it’s incredibly complex.

I could blow the doors off this story, but there I am taking the high road yet again.

It all comes down to people.

People make the hockey world go around. A leak or scoop when it comes to a story like this could significantly impact multiple families and that’s why I haven’t written yet.

The domino will fall soon enough, but for now I sit on a compelling story not because I can’t write it or do it justice, because I don’t want to hurt someone or their organization.

Oh by the way I have already started the article, it could be ready to go as early as tomorrow morning.

For now the waiting game and internal battle continues. To scoop the story or to stay quiet, time will certainly tell!

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