Observations From the Rink: “Hockey’s Double Standards”

Hockey’s Double Standard

There’s a double standard that exists within the game of hockey. It probably happens at every level to a certain extent.

The diminutive skilled player that can skate like the wind and make plays game in game out still isn’t valued.

Organizations and hockey people can say they value them all day long, but when push comes to shove, some in the hockey world want nothing to do with “small players.”

They won’t touch them, they won’t draft them, they won’t even consider them until someone has the guts enough to prove it to them or convince them or the player shows them.

The “it doesn’t matter what size you are” argument doesn’t hold water in some organizations. To be brutally honest it’s probably that way all the way up through the ranks.

If you scour the rinks across North America, you will find some “smallish” player dominating I guarantee it and that “diminutive”

skilled player was never really given a chance, never really given a fair shake.

It’s total bull shit if you think about it.

“Give me big tall physical players and I’m sure they will wear down their opponent.”

Ok I get it, I’ve heard all the hockey talk and banter, but seriously there’s always the exceptions to the rule. More and more of “those” types of players are excelling at the junior ranks, going on to the USports ranks and parlaying that into a professional career across the hockey world.

You see it’s the “what have you done lately” mentality.

The organizations that finally give those players an opportunity look like geniuses.

“Oh those little players need more time to develop, or they’re late bloomers.”

What a crock of shit lame take that is!

Don’t worry all the analytics types have their programs calculating all of the numbers, height, weight and projections. Never have I seen their computers measure a kids heart, character and determination.

The names and examples are endless. “They will never make it.”

“They haven’t got a chance in hell to make it, they’re just too damn small.”

Well those players are certainly having the last laugh.

I really wish some people or supposed hockey minds would wake the hell up and give these players a shot.

This isn’t about the Q or NCAA route or best option, this is a double standard that needs to be addressed at the grass roots levels all the way up.

While I’m addressing double standards, I might as well get this off my chest to. When it comes to the Major Junior ranks ages is important, but it shouldn’t be a barrier holding back players.

This year was incredibly difficult when it came to 16’s in the draft and it will be extremely difficult for them to get a fair shot. COVID has certainly done a number on that age group. No one will seemingly give them a chance. Obviously, the free agent invites are starting to hit social media, but let’s be honest are teams really going to consider signing them? Let’s hope they do. Let’s hope the “oh if they earn it” argument is true and not full of holes like it usually is that they might get a fair shake and a legitimate opportunity to crack a roster.

Honestly I don’t give a rats ass how old you are; if you can play and contribute and you earn your spot and beat out other players than so be it. The hockey world’s double standard bull shit needs to end.

It shouldn’t matter how big you are or what age you are, if you can flat out play then you have every right to play.

Hockey’s double standards are archaic. You see the “real” hockey people understand that and are innovators, the others are just being left behind.

Value is value, a player is a player, it doesn’t matter how old they are or what size they are.

Beware of hockey’s double standards and those that still believe in them.

One comment

  1. Right Craig just like because your small will never reach max potential look no further than Martin St Louis and currently Goal Caufield everywhere the kid goes scores.

    Also the old stale cliché Euro players don’t know how to hit or go in on the forecheck ironic, look at guys like Vorachek , Onaje Palat, Nico Hischier etc

    If that were true Tampa would no be where they are when small guys have been huge to success.

    Like Brayden Point , Anthony Cirelli

    Or look on the blueline Erik Branstrom, Quinn Hughes, Cale Makar

    That sediment of needing to be a certain type is bullocks




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