Observations From the Rink: Showcase and Promote

Showcase and Promote. Two words you hear a lot around the rinks these days, showcase and promote. Obviously, there’s a massive difference between the two. There’s no need for young players to promote or self-promote, their talents will be showcased if they play the game the right way. Unfortunately, in some cases people have to promote players for others to take noticed so young players get showcased.

It’s a crazy dynamic if you think about it. Is it only reserved for the game of hockey or does it encompass other sports?

Is it a hockey problem or a societal problem?

Either way it’s pretty bad when highlight videos have to be created for promotional purposes.

It’s rare in this day and age that young aspiring players don’t have promotional videos or highlight reels made.

If there was a year that these videos would exist or be more prevalent it would be this one given COVID restrictions around spectators and the lack of real-time in person viewings.

It’s still pretty bad if you think about young talented players going unnoticed because they may not be as flashy as others.

The shadow cast around the supposed “elite” level kids clearly darkens other potentially deserving players.

You see “deserving” is the key, it’s the pivot point.

Is the player “deserving” of the attention? Has that player earned the attention or is it unwarranted? Is just a bunch of hype?

That’s where concept of showcase or promote becomes pretty damn murky.

There’s a very fine line between those two concepts.

What about “bias”?

How does bias play a factor in all of this?

There’s definitely a difference between showcase and promote when business is involved.

Oh sorry, well that’s just the business side of the game.

As we all know, the business side of hockey is often offside.

Nowadays, everyone is trying to sell, promote or showcase, the real question behind all of this should rest in the motivation and intent.

There’s a massive difference between the intention behind promoting or showcasing.

Oh that should be up to the agent or player advisor.

One can only imagine how difficult it must be to navigate all of the games subtle nuances.

Gone are the days where a young aspiring player can let their game do the talking.

That should be what really matters most. Showcase or promote, you be the judge.

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