For the Love of the Game

For the love of the game. That cliché has taken on new meaning in the year of uncertainty. It’s been 115 days since the Moncton Wildcats played. It’s been 111 days since the Saint John Sea Dogs played. It’s been 109 days since the Acadie-Bathurst Titan played. 

Photo Credit QMJHL

The resiliency and sacrifices all these players, coaches, support staff, their families and billet families have made throughout the season is truly remarkable and needs to be acknowledged and celebrated. They are all in it together, for the love of the game. The anticipation, excitement and nervous energy will finally be unleashed. 

It’s time to compete. 

All the sacrifices and hours of practice time did mean something, it was all for the love the game, it was all to keep the dream alive. There are new faces in every lineup waiting to prove their value, waiting for their opportunity to shine. The waiting game has finally come to an end. The final chapter for so many players has yet to be written, they thought it was over. It’s a new a beginning for so many. 

Everything has been put in perspective, but their collective love for the game has never wavered. The unknown and uncertainty has given way to opportunity. Bitter rivals on the ice, all these players share a collective dream. That dream was put on hold and completely out of their control. 

A year ago, this week the game went away. They will never forget, they all understood why, but they all persevered in hopes of having an opportunity to play meaningful games in front of the families and friends. The game of hockey can connect us all even when we seem so far apart. 

Unfinished business for some, a new opportunity for others, hockey is on the horizon. For all the overagers, this is it, a final salute, a final sendoff, the final shot at making an impact on the team and league. 

It’s time to compete, it’s time to play the game they love, it’s time to keep the dream alive. For the love of the game,

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  1. Great Job Craig, lets all find a way to keep this one going to the end folks! Honestly, kids, coaches, parents, owners, you name it, just can’t handle another shut down! lets keep it together this time if possible! Good Luck


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