Sidney Crosby sits only three games away from another career milestone, but yet no one is talking about it.

1000 games in the NHL is an amazing accomplishment, yet no mainstream media outlets have been reporting the story.

Photo Credit NHL.com

One can assume the hockey world has just come to expect greatness from the quiet modest kid from Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia.

It’s hard to believe just how dominant Crosby has been over his 16 year career. You see when it comes to #87 nothing is hard to believe anymore, because he’s made it look so easy.

From all the points, to the Cups, to the Olympic medals, it has always been about the will to compete and team success.

Obviously, we have all come to expect greatness from him, but the greatest aspect of them all is that he’s lived up to and surpassed all the expectations on and off the ice.

Clearly “Sid the Kid” punched his ticket to the Hall of Fame a long time ago. All the accolades and personal accomplishments I’m sure are meaningful, but you would never know that because of how grounded #87 really is.

Over the course of his career we have seen glimpses of emotion and self reflection. Obviously, he has handled the spotlight extraordinarily well throughout his entire journey, but some would argue he has been far too stoic or emotionless.

It really doesn’t matter what sport you play, superstars are always going to be ruthlessly scrutinized and held to a unattainable standard both as a player and person.

#87 has surpassed all of those standards ten times over.

We have seen Crosby get emotional over the last few years especially when the famed Rimouski Oceanic retired his number. He has avoided or deflected the questions surrounding his personal accomplishments in the game for quite sometime now.

In the supposed twilight of his career, Crosby has been asked time and time again by media to reflect and access his career.

One can only imagine how difficult those questions must be for a fierce competitor like Crosby who is still in the hunt and battle.

He’s won everything imaginable, he has annihilated every expectation, has overcome possible career threatening injuries, but Sidney Crosby remains as grounded as ever. His love and passion for the game is truly unparalleled. #87 continues to be an exceptional role model in the game of hockey inspiring the next generation of young aspiring players to believe anything is possible when it comes to the game of hockey.

The kid from Cole Harbour is three games away from 1000 which is a story that can’t be ignored, even though no one is talking about it.

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