Podcasting – What Happened? by Wray Dunn

To explain how crazy of a year 2020 was, I need to back up to 2019 first. My wife GiniB was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer in November 2019 and we were not given the best news or timelines on what to expect going forward. She felt great at the time of that appointment and we went into it expecting to get good news. Instead, we got the opposite. We were both crushed heading into the new year.

2020 began with the Bills in Houston taking on the Texans to kick off the NFL playoffs. I am simply going by memory here, but the Bills jumped out to a 16-0 lead before Watson brought the Texans back late in the game. Josh Allen looked like a deer in head lights and eventually the Bills lost. There were a couple questionable calls near the end of the game, but I have always said a game is not won or lost on one play.

In February, GiniB and I jumped on a plane and headed to Florida for a week, spending 4 days on the west coast in Englewood with her parents and our last 3 nights in Miami. The trip was amazing and as we were getting ready to fly home, we start hearing about Covid-19. Cruise ships in the Miami Port were being held up and passengers were not able to leave the ships. By the time we got back home in Atlantic Canada, the news was spreading like crazy and then the NBA made the announcement to suspend their season, that was the moment for me where I knew this thing was serious.

Every year, I try to make it to at least 1 Bills game and in 2019, I went to 3 games and they lost all 3 games that I went to. Two against Tom Brady and the Patriots and one against the Ravens. So when the 2020 season kicked off, we are living our lives under new codes Yellow, Orange, and Red. The USA border was completely shut down. In fact, the New Brunswick border was pretty much shut down as I had to isolate for 2 weeks after a trip to take my daughter Nikki to Queens University in Ontario.

2020 would have been a great year to be a podcaster as a Bills fan, as the team went 13-3. Even better as my podcast partner Andy’s Browns went 11-5 or something like that. But my heart was just not into it this year. Knowing what was going on in my personal life with my wife’s health, and knowing I was not going to be able to attend any games, I simply lost the passion for giving my opinion on the topics around the NFL each week.

I have heard from numerous of you asking why we haven’t been on, or where was FDS Trivia!! My goal as a podcaster was to always be consistent in providing great content, and in 2020 we failed in that department. I miss my weekly banter with Andy and the rest of you, so I am hoping that in some way 2021 will bring my passion for podcasting back!

I want to thank Craig Eagles for keeping FDS alive this year! Your content and coverage of the hockey world is the best you will find in Atlantic Canada.

Enjoy the offseason!

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  1. Hey Wray great blog post and I share in your comments about your wife!!! my sister as well was diagnosed with breast cancer she had her breast removed, I also lost both of my parents thank god that 2020 is in the history books and over with, I know you’ll be great at pod casting once again!! Cheers


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