The Epicentre of Maritime Hockey

Two brothers from rural New Brunswick are changing the landscape of hockey across the Maritimes and beyond.

Thomas and Tanner Gallant may not have played organized hockey as kids in McAdam, New Brunswick but they are certainly having an impact on the game now more than ever.

“We just want to showcase the game as much as we can here in the Maritimes,” said Tanner Gallant who created the “Maritime Hockey” brand in 2019.

“There wasn’t a lot of hockey in McAdam growing up, it was all about basketball,” said Thomas Gallant.

“From a young age we always looked at the game from a different point of view. We played ball hockey all the time and loved it, but never played organized hockey.”

“Maritime Hockey” is arguably the the most informative platform on social media for showcasing pro’s who call the Maritimes home.

You see Thomas and Tanner Gallant’s diverse and all encompassing look at the professional ranks eclipses any traditional approaches.

If there’s a Maritimer who’s playing professionally, the Gallant boys undoubtedly shine the spotlight on their career.

In less than two years the Gallant’s have become the “go to” platform for quality content, updates, news, analytics and stats.

At 21 and 25 years of age respectively Tanner and Thomas Gallant have always been fascinated with numbers and players from this neck of the woods.

“I started out covering the NHL and AHL and realized that I couldn’t cover it all on my own, so that’s when Thomas came on board.”

At that point Gallant knew they could diversify even more. “With Thomas coming on board we could focus on other leagues all across Europe.”

How do the Gallant’s stay so up to date on every single pro from the Maritimes playing across the hockey world?

“It’s all about research,” confessed Tanner Gallant.

“We spend a lot time going through team websites and trying to go through all the translations.”

Obviously, there’s no sacrifice to hard work, but it’s clear the Gallant’s attention to detail is off the charts.

“We use sites like Hockey DB and Elite Prospects for our research.”

“We use respected sites with reliable facts, and we also follow reliable sources on Twitter which definitely helps as well.”

“Those sites keep us updated on a lot of the transitions,” Thomas Gallant said.

Like a Hall of Fame caliber netminder nothing gets by the Gallant’s when it comes to Maritimers playing abroad.

“Tanner works days and I work shift work so there’s always one of us at it.”

“Sometimes, I’m up in the middle of the night looking up stats,” confessed Gallant who works for McCain’s Foods. There’s no secret to their early success, it’s all about hard work and passion.

“We have always been interested in statistics,” said Tanner Gallant who works on the business side for McCain’s.

“Thomas and I have always been fascinated in that side of the game.”

“We knew from a young age that we weren’t going to be hockey players so I guess we always used to dream about being on the media side or the analytics side of the game,” Thomas Gallant said proudly.

That dream is quickly becoming a reality. Where do the passionate hockey fans, analysts and reporters see their project taking them?

“We aren’t a hundred percent sure where it’s going, Twitter is our main platform, but we are active on Facebook now as well. I think the biggest aspect of all of this is making people aware of the Maritimers that are playing and keep growing the game, that’s what we are really striving for especially here in the Maritime provinces,” said Tanner Gallant.

There’s no question the Gallant’s are making a difference ensuring players in every league are being showcased. “It’s kind of crazy,” Thomas Gallant said of having an impact on the game.

“When we first started this we thought if we could get a thousand followers that would be above and beyond.”

“It’s crazy, but we have looked up to a lot of people that are now following us.”

“We may have not played the game, but we grew up living for it.”

“Thomas and I talk about hockey all the time. To think we are having an impact is incredible for us, it’s almost like a dream come true.”

The Gallant’s don’t rely on specific algorithms when it comes to a program, their database is extensive and constantly requires updates from every league imaginable around the world.

Thomas and Tanner Gallant are leading the way when it comes to the covering hockey in the Maritimes. They have carved out a specialized niche to ensure players from this region are recognized and celebrated. Local hockey stories matter now more than ever. The epicentre of “Maritime Hockey” is now based out of McAdam, New Brunswick, thanks to Tanner and Thomas Gallant.

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