Every Shift Counts

Every shift counts. I realize that’s cliché, but it certainly applies now more than ever.

A lot has changed given the pandemic and it’s great that hockey can still be played, but without amazing online viewing platforms like InStat, scouts would certainly be struggling given the much needed and appropriate safety protocols and guidelines restricting access to rinks.

The games I have seen live this season have certainly taken on new meaning.

I miss going to the rink, I missing the sights and sounds of watching the game live. I don’t miss the cold that much, but I do miss the people, interactions and conversations at the rink.

Obviously, it’s been a difficult year for everyone involved in the game, but that pales in comparison to what’s happening all around us.

COVID-19 has definitely put a lot in perspective. Watching games online isn’t easy, it’s not the same, but the online viewing platforms have done tremendous job trying to incorporate every aspect of our job.

InStat provides the scout with various aspects and options to zero in on. You see that’s why every shift counts now more than ever.

InStat allows us to break down the game, break down individual players by every shift they take. Obviously, video has been around for along time and this technology has as well, but when the spotlight shines on each shift things become a lot clearer.

Small nuances of a players style and their skill set quickly jump of the page. Don’t get me wrong there’s no substitute to seeing a player live, but this is the next best thing given the circumstances.

Shift after shift tendencies start to surface. The sights and sounds of the beloved game don’t exist, but we are still able to do something we all love to do right now and to me that’s special.

Seeing the next generation of young upcoming prospects is exciting as ever. It’s an honour and privilege to watch young players across the hockey world try to accomplish their dream of getting to the next level.

Every shift and game counts now more than ever.

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