The Quiet Hockey Mentor

If you look hard enough you still won’t spot the quiet mentor. This hockey lifer never liked or ever wanted to be in the spotlight.

But they always were willing to lend a helping hand providing amazing insight and knowledge into the finer points of the game.

For countless decades they helped grow the game from the grassroots to high performance in this region.

You see the quiet mentor was a fierce competitor on the ice, but an incredibly kind and generous person off of it.

When the quiet mentor talks people need to listen.

They have always considered every point of view, but never hesitate when providing their take on all facets of the game.

Those off the record conversations are some of the best most in-depth that I have ever been a part.

They have to shape my journey in education and the game of hockey.

Brutally honest and straight to the point and from the heart, the quiet mentor delivers advice with the same conviction and passion as when they played the game.

There’s no side stepping the issue.

You asked the question or opinion, you better be ready to accept their point of view and perspective.

They might be a quiet mentor from a distance, but in the moment and discussion they are all in.

Years of experience in every role imaginable hasn’t jaded this hockey lifer, if anything it’s deepened their passion and willingness to discuss the game.

Opinionated, knowledgeable and concise. This lifelong learner and avid reader is always pushing the envelope always striving to be the best while promoting growth in every aspect of their life and the others they influence and have helped along the way.

The quiet mentor is on the cutting edge constantly evolving and willing to share their insight and perspective.

Unassuming often times can be perceived as too old school, but some uninformed hockey people might feel the game has passed the mentor by. Actually that couldn’t be farther from the truth. They might be quiet, and unassuming, but they are incredibly invested, connected and present.

They’re always in the moment, always approachable, trustworthy and willing to give back.

I wish I could name this outstanding person and hockey mind, but that’s just not possible.

I want them to know how much I have appreciated their impact on the game and my journey within it.

The quiet mentor has always been there for me and continues to be a monumental asset for the game of hockey in this region.

It’s really unfortunate more people may not be aware of what the mentor has done, but those that have had the opportunity to talk with them or know them personally know just how valuable the quiet mentor really is.

Everyone needs a mentor, someone to listen to, bounce ideas off of, admire and inspire.

I really wish everyone would have a quiet hockey mentor in their lives.

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