Undrafted Maritimers Continue to Have Impact at the NHL Level

From undrafted to NHL regulars. Four young Maritimers are blazing a trail and inspiring the next generation from this region to believe anything is possible when it comes to reaching hockey’s highest level.  

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia’s Matthew Highmore,(Chicago Blackhawks) Dieppe, New Brunswick’s Philippe Myers(Philadelphia Flyers) and Charlottetown, PEI’s Zack MacEwen(Vancouver Canucks) and Ross Johnston (New York Islanders) journey’s in the game are extremely unique, yet eerily similar.

It’s clear this foursome had something to prove every time they laced them up.  

Their path to the NHL started in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League.

Passion, dedication, and an unwavering desire to get to the National Hockey League may have inspired them, but every single one of these players needed someone to believe in them. Someone to pound the table for them in scouting meetings at the NHL level.  

You have to earn every opportunity that comes your way when you go undrafted. Nothing is taken for granted when it comes to those that don’t hear their name called on NHL Draft day. 

Highmore, Myers, MacEwen and Johnston have all paid their dues, have all faced tremendous adversity at different phases on their path to the show. 

They never gave up on the dream.   

Their unrelenting passion opened the door for opportunity, but all four took advantage of that opportunity and ran with it.  

One has to look beyond all the numbers, stats and analytics, the common denominator with their success is simple; hard work. 

You consistently hear the term value in today’s era of the game 

Each one of these proud Maritimers bring value to their respective organizations.  

Time in the minors only grew their passion and fuelled their will to get to the next level.  

Every step of the way they showcased their value, their character and will to compete.  

Highly skilled in their own right, these Maritimers continue to prove that there’s no substitute for dedication, work ethic and character.  

Highmore, MacEwen, Johnston and Myers are certainly making a name for themselves at the NHL level by bringing all the intangibles that have made them successful at every level throughout careers.  

Hard work ultimately takes you where you want to go. 

It’s a long way to the top, but this foursome isn’t going anywhere. They have carved out an incredible niche on their respective NHL teams.  

Their path to the NHL will undoubtedly continue to inspire the next generation of players from this region to believe anything is possible when it comes to playing the game. 

Undrafted to impact NHLer’s the journey continues.

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