A Return to the Rafters

Phil Doiron, Oscar Gaudet and Bill Riley changed the landscape of hockey in the Hub City.

The iconic trios contribution to the game has undoubtedly left a lasting legacy on this region’s hockey lore.

For the past three seasons their retired numbers have been missing.

How that came to be is concerning, but irrelevant now due to the amazing kindness of one area businessman and loyal hockey fan that plans to return the banners to their rightful place in the rafters of the Moncton Coliseum.

When the local business owner heard what happened to the banners, he immediately wanted to help out.

Replica banners will be made to ensure Moncton’s hockey history and the legacy of three amazing players and people will continue to be honoured and celebrated for years to come.

“I believe if a banner goes up, it should stay up,” said the business man who wants to remain anonymous.

“If those players were deemed worthy of such an honour it shouldn’t be taken away because we outgrow a building.”

“Those banners are part of our hockey history and they should be remembered.”

The longevity and sheer impact that this trio of local hockey legends had on the game is truly immeasurable.

The names Riley, Doiron and Gaudet will soon return to their rightful place high above Coliseum ice for everyone to see.

Photo Taken in 2017-2018

The cornerstone of Moncton’s hockey history will return once again to the rafters where they belong.


    1. Lots of aspiring young hockey players still practice and train at the Coliseum. ( power skating clinics, etc. )
      Regardless, these banners belong in their rightful home.
      Kudos to this businessman.


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