The End Of Speculation

I assumed they knew, I was wrong.

By 18 and 19 I thought every impact player at the Major Junior level knows the writing is on the wall.

Trades are part of the business, but like anything these kids and their families remain always on edge.

The undercurrent of the unknown is always present in the back of their minds.

You see I thought they all knew.

I was wrong.

Over the last few years I’ve written a lot of speculation articles, but honestly I think those days might be over.

I once wrote that we all have a role to play within the game, but I don’t want an article I write to be the first thing a kid and their family read indicating that they are going to be trade or have been traded.

I guess that doesn’t make me much of a reporter or journalist.

For awhile now I wanted to break away and write and say what I want to say, but what for…..A few retweets or likes?

Why jeopardize fantastic relationships in the game all for the sake of a being first and scooping a story during the trade period?

Here’s what one trusted source told me yesterday, when I told them about my hesitation.

“Well if you don’t write it, someone else will if they get the chance.”

When I first started writing about the game things seemed a lot simpler.

“You see I’m torn, I want to be the first on stuff, but I don’t want it to ruin players and their families experiences,” I told another trusted source yesterday.

They replied by saying.

“Tough to be that reporter if you have a conscience.”

“Definitely, that’s why I’m not much of one,” I said.

That source then told me something that I will never ever forget.

“Your articles could be seen as preparing the kids for what might happen and promoting players.”

“True, but I don’t want to be that guy over and over again,” I said.

“As you know every kid is different, they will all take it a different way,” the source explained.

A third source told me point blank what they thought.

“Well if they want be pros, they need to expect anything.”

“They need to act like a pro.”

“You’re a reporter doing your job. As an athlete it’s not just what you are on the ice, but it’s also how and what you do off. Being mentally strong is one of them,” they added.

“Players need to learn how to deal with what’s written about them and wait until a trade is confirmed by either agent or GM.”

Three separate sources with incredibly sound advice and perspective.

I’m still torn, but for now that’s the end of speculation.

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