Wildcats Defender Starting To Draw Significant Interest

One would assume Ritchie Thibeau’s phone is ringing off the hook.

The Moncton Wildcats have three highly sought after assets on their backend.

Jordan Spence, Tristan De Jong and Sean Stewart could all be difference makers for any team with championship aspirations. That’s right all three could put a championship caliber over the hump.

Obviously, all three bring different elements to the line up. Spence is arguably the biggest defensive asset in the entire league and could possibly fetch a similar return to that of Jared McIsaac or Benoit Olivier Groulx last season, while De Jong brings veteran leadership and a strong two-way presence on the right side.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

Things right now are eerily quiet on the Wildcats trade front.

One QMJHL General Manager went on record today saying that, “when things are this quiet deals usually get done.”

Every championship caliber team would like to add one of the Wildcats three defenders to its roster.

The sleeper amongst the three is definitely Sean Stewart.

Clearly Stewart isn’t the most notable or flashiest of the three, but if I were a team looking for a reliable defender that could solidify the 5-6 role he would be my first pick across the entire QMJHL.

Stewart is highly underrated, but it’s clear teams have been acquiring about his services for quite sometime.

Stewart’s versatility, toughness and defence first mentality is truly invaluable for a team wanting to make a strong push in the second half.

There’s no question De Jong is the more mobile of the two, but his age could be playing a significant factor this trade period.

Stewart is going to be a year and half player for the team that acquires his services.

You see that’s why it’s imperative for Thibeau to land a significant return for the highly undervalued, but incredibly valuable rearguard from Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

Contending teams no doubt realize they will have to pay a hefty sum to acquire Spence, De Jong or Stewart.

Nevertheless, Stewart could possibly fetch the Wildcats a significantly higher return than once expected.

The 19-year-old two zone defender has played in the shadows of several high profile defenders over the past few seasons.

He even accepted and flourished in a fourth line forward role for half a season.

You see Sean Stewart is a team first guy through and through and the type of player that flies under the radar when first acquired, but when championships are won looked upon as a vital catalyst.

Sure Jordan Spence is a highly sought out commodity, but Sean Stewart’s value is at an all time high.

Ritchie Thibeau’s phone is no doubt ringing off the hook, but it’s clear he’s holding all the cards.

Time will tell what direction the Wildcats chose to take to continue their rebuild.

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