Spence For Cormier?

Jordan Spence for Lukas Cormier?
Could it happen?
Obviously, anything could realistically happen during the 2020-2021 QMJHL Trade Period.
Could the Islanders and Wildcats be actual trade partners?
Would a trade of that magnitude make sense for both clubs?
Would Ritchie Thibeau trade Jordan Spence within the Maritimes Division? One would think not, but you never know.
As we have seen in years gone by anything can happen. The Charlottetown Islanders have a very good club that are about three to four pieces away from being a President Cup contender. The addition of Jordan Spence might solve two problems for them, increasing offence and a much needed one to two punch on the backend.
Obviously, the Wildcats are in a full blown rebuild, so why would a trade like this make sense for them?
The Cats would need another two or three pieces along with Cormier for a deal like this to truly work.
I realize that it might not fully make sense for the Islanders, but hear me out.

On the surface a deal like this one could appear to be a one for one trade, but things in the background would become very complicated and could take a long time to figure out.
The Isles could send a few players or prospects across “the Bridge” when Spence enters the fold, with Cormier obviously coming over to the Hub City at the draft.
The Wildcats would then move Cormier at next year’s Trade Period and potentially flip the Isles a few minor assets back at that point to level things out.
Everything would come out in the wash, but it would still have Spence and Cormier playing in their “hometowns” for what’s sure to be their final years in junior.
The trade would see a very good Islanders team have a championship caliber backend. It would also see the Wildcats continue to stock their shelves and add assets to their ultimate plan of building a contender in two in a half or three years.
The Islanders emptied their cupboards during their “Daniel Sprong” days and learned a very valuable lesson, but there is a strong sense that the ownership group wants to take another run at glory this season.
This trade rumor is pure speculation, but it does makes sense for both clubs to pull the trigger.
Trust me a deal like this would have several moving parts in the background.
The Islanders started the speculation about making a run at a President Cup at the Draft when they acquired Colten Ellis. You don’t acquire Ellis, if you aren’t serious about making a run.
It’s clear Jordan Spence is the biggest asset in the QMJHL.
We all know what he brings to a team. He’s arguably the best defenceman in the QMJHL. Spence would be a game changer for the Islanders and would bring a massive offensive surge to an organization that are constantly looking for more offence, but it’s his 5 on 5 play along with Cormier’s that would make them true contenders.
The question remains, what players, prospects or picks could be in the background of a deal like this?
It’s no secret that Thibeau and the Cats are probably looking for a similar asking price for Spence that the Mooseheads were looking for Jared McIsaac. The real question would be how much is Lukas Cormier worth at next seasons Trade Period?
So how could the Islanders afford that?
That’s a question for Jim Hulton, but I’m sure Hulton and Thibeau could get very creative to ensure a deal like this benefits both hockey clubs presently and in the future.
Jordan Spence for Lukas Cormier?
Could it happen?
Anything could happen during the QMJHL Trade Period, for now both Spence and Cormier are focusing on cracking Canada’s World Junior Team.
Perhaps Spence and Cormier might very well be teammates on two fronts in the next few months, I guess we will have to wait and see.

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